Mid week quick dessert – Strawberry Mille Feuille


I whipped this up quickly one night the other week to use up a sheet of puff pastry that was lurking in the freezer. This is so easy that it's probably a good thing I don't have any more puff pastry, because I think we'd be eating a lot of them. Strawberry Mille Feuilleserves 21 sheet puff pastryabout 6 large strawberries, thinly slicedwhipped cream (I used the canned one)about 2 tbsp strawberry   << Continue Reading >>

Black Pepper and Vanilla Ice Cream


Now that we have a second freezer, I finally have the space to keep the bowl from my ice-cream maker chilled and at the ready. I have had my eye on this recipe since I first spotted it in David Lebovitz's 'The Perfect Scoop' and finally got the chance to make it. I added the vanilla bean just because I had a few lying around, and I love the result. The pepper gives this ice-cream a nice warming   << Continue Reading >>

Custom Sized Fitted Sheets – Tutorial


For some reason, fitted cot sheets do not fit the mattress in Roman's cot. Not the standard ones, not the ones for cot beds, nothing. Luckily for me, they're easy to make. I had an old queen size flat sheet kicking about, and managed to get 2 cot sheets out of it. Given that I also had the elastic, this was a free project. This is a formula, so that you can use this for any sized mattress you want   << Continue Reading >>

Mini Savoury Muffins and my rave about Baby-Led Weaning


We've basically been following the ideas behind baby-led weaning and I'm loving it! Getting Roman to sleep for every nap and every night is a total battle, so it's nice to be able to sit back and let him take the lead with his meals.The main idea with baby-led weaning is to give your baby a choice of healthy things to eat and let them pick them up, smoosh them around and eventually put them in   << Continue Reading >>

Practical tips for new Grandmothers


(Greg's mother, me and Roman out in the London snow)Grandmothers are great and the hubby and I would certainly have not survived our first few months with Roman without help from both of our mothers, but sometimes there are some things I wish they could remember from their time as a new parent. With that in mind, I thought I would make a list so I can remember this myself if I am ever in their   << Continue Reading >>

Nanna’s Knickers


I love the saucy names they give cocktails, they're so tongue-in-cheek. The name for this cocktail is inspired by people describing the flavour of Musk Sticks as like 'old ladies perfume'. If you haven't made any Musk Vodka, then it'd still be nice with plain Vodka, but then I guess it needs a different name... Not Your Nana's Knickers?Nana's Knickersserves 11.5 shots Musk Vodka2 shots   << Continue Reading >>

Musk Stick infused Vodka


If you don't know what musk sticks are, the flavour can be hard to explain, it's a bit rosy and quite perfumed, a bit like Turkish Delight, but a bit different. I have a friend who gave them to some Americans on her trip to the States and they were not impressed with the flavour. One commented that they tasted 'like a man's cologne'. If you know what they are and love them, then this is for   << Continue Reading >>

Free Knitting Pattern: Simple Knitted Beanie


I knitted this beanie originally for the hubby, but it's a bit short and doesn't cover his ears. With the edge folded over, it fits Roman perfectly. It's nice and stretchy and will fit for many years to come. This simple knitted beanie was a quick make and I whipped it up on a 4hr car trip. It's pretty much one size fits all, as long as you use a nice stretchy yarn. You can find the pattern   << Continue Reading >>