Clemencello – Homemade Mandarin Liqueur


I started off making Limoncello, then some Arancello and was so happy with the results I decided to get creative. Following the same process, I made this delicious Mandarin Liqueur. I think it is my favourite out of the three.Clemencellomakes about 1.3 litres1 litre jar500ml Polish Spirit*peel of about 5 clementines/mandarins350g white sugar350ml water, plus another cup of waterWash the   << Continue Reading >>



It's nice to finally have our spare room back again. It's one more thing that's nice and orderly again in my life. Now that Roman is in his cot, we are no longer using the spare bed. We used to take shifts getting some sleep in there, while the other one would sleep in the bed with Roman. I get a nice sense of calm walking past the room now that it is back to how it should be. I do think it   << Continue Reading >>

Sticky Date Pudding


Dates were going cheap at the supermarket, so I bought a box. A perfect excuse to make this! Sticky Date pudding is one of my favourite desserts. It's perfect for wintry nights. Sticky Date Puddingserves 8200g fresh dates, pitted 300ml boiling water1 tsp bi-carb soda60g butter140g brown sugar1 tsp vanilla extract2 eggs170g self raising flourFor the toffee sauce:125g butter125g   << Continue Reading >>

Satay Turkey Burgers


I was recently asked to test out some turkey mince and make some burgers with it. I was sent a voucher to use and after picking up my pack of Ingham turkey mince I started to brain storm. We were having some friends around for a BBQ and I wanted to come up with something different and decided on satay burgers with satay mayonnaise. These turned out really great and were lovely and juicy,   << Continue Reading >>

Roman’s Amazing Transformation – Sleep School


I can happily report that at this moment,  Roman is asleep in his cot, for the first time ever!We just got home today from 4 nights at Sleep School. I suppose I should say Mother Baby Unit, as they do a lot more than just sleep issues, but we were there for sleep. It was nothing short of amazing! The transformation is unbelievable! We arrived at North Park on Saturday morning after   << Continue Reading >>

Risotto Cakes for Roman


Geez...I seem to be making a lot of ugly food on this blog lately, first the pea and ham, now these. Regardless of how these look, they taste great, use up some leftovers and are perfect for babies. Risotto Cakesmakes 6about 2 cups leftover risotto (I used pea and spinach)1 egg*handful grated cheese (optional)Preheat oven to 180°C (350°F).Mix all ingredients together and divide into 6   << Continue Reading >>

Peanut butter Ice Cream with Oreo chunks


Living in the UK for a year and then holidaying in America meant we've eaten more than our fair share of Ben & Jerry's in the past year. Now that we're back in Australia, it is much harder to come by, costs way to much when you can find it and the flavour selection just isn't there. I understand it's not all that cost effective to ship ice cream to the other side of the world, but sometimes we   << Continue Reading >>

Taggie Cube Soft Toy – Tutorial


This quick little toy can be whipped up in under an hour with some scraps of fabric and ribbon. The only other thing you need is some hobbyfill (stuffing). I chose ribbon and fabric with different textures and patterns to make it more interesting to play with. It would also be cool to put a rattle or bell in the middle of time!(The product tester)Taggie ToyYou'll need:6 squares of   << Continue Reading >>

Deliciously Ugly – Pea and Ham Soup


Well it certainly isn't the prettiest looking thing, but I do love Pea and Ham Soup! It is such a hearty and filling meal and every now and then I just have to have some. The texture is lovely and velvety and the ham really makes it a meal in a bowl. I think it may be my favourite soup.I made this once with an unsmoked hock and no garlic and it was not that great, so I think both items are   << Continue Reading >>