1 month to go!


In less than a month, Roman will be turning 1! I can't believe how quickly the year has gone by, even with more sleepless nights than I thought possible. I embellished this little tshirt for him to wear on his birthday. I printed out the number and then cut it out of the paper to make a stencil. I used the stencil BACKWARDS to trace the 1 onto the paper side of some fusible interfacing. I   << Continue Reading >>

Free Knitting Pattern: Knitted Baby Uggs


These cute baby booties are a quick project to knit. You will love this free knitting pattern! The booties are knit in one piece, so there's hardly any seaming or ends to weave in and they stay on pretty well even without ribbons. These Knitted Baby Uggs are a lovely modern take on the traditional baby bootee. I've made quite a few pairs of these for Roman, some in cotton, some in wool. New to   << Continue Reading >>

Warm Buttered Apple


This is a quick and delicious little pudding, perfect for your baby. I suggest that as an adult, you do not try it yourself. Once you have tasted this, it will be hard not to give in and make this all the time. It is far too tasty and much to quick to whip up...a dangerous combination!  Warm Buttered Apple 1 sweet apple - I have used Fuji and Eve varieties knob of butter Wash the apple   << Continue Reading >>

Introducing, the Mega Bib!


Roman has a heap of bibs, but most of them are so small, they only cover his chest, even though most of his food ends up in his lap. I have seen the idea of these snap up bibs before, and even have one from Loopy Loos, but decided to come up with my own design. Introducing, the mega bib! This bib is huge! It's long and wide and has snaps to transform it into a pelican pocket style bib. Once you   << Continue Reading >>

Polar fleece baby booties


I have a lot of trouble getting socks or shoes to stay on Roman's feet. His legs are always moving and his shoes get kicked off in the process. I have a knitted bootie pattern that is pretty good, but knitting can be pretty time consuming, even for little booties. I came across this pattern for some polar fleece sewn booties, so I thought I'd give them a go. They only took   << Continue Reading >>

Nutty Rice Krispie Treats


In Australia, they're called Rice Bubbles, but to the rest of the world they're Rice Krispies. Either way, these hold a great deal of nostalgia for me. I had a craving for them, and they didn't dissapoint. You can leave out the peanut butter and the nuts if they tend you make you swell up and itch ;)Nutty Rice Krispie Treats makes 24 good size pieces100g butter, chopped200g crunchy peanut butter4   << Continue Reading >>

Eggy Bread – for little and big babies


I had forgotten all about eggy bread, until I came across it in a recipe book for baby led weaning. It's perfect for breakfast or lunch and is nice and quick to whip up. Eggy Breadmakes 3 slices (two for me, one for the baby)3 slices bread2 eggsa splash of milka knob of butterCrack the eggs into a shallow dish that a slice of the bread will fit into. I use a rectangular tupperware container.   << Continue Reading >>

Rocky Road Ice Cream


The hubby was really sweet and let me have the whole day to myself yesterday. I went and had a facial, walked through some boutique stores that I dare not enter with a pram and went to a girlfriend's place for dinner. To say thank you, I made my lovely hubby a batch of Rocky Road Ice Cream. He loves everything in it, so I knew it would be a hit.If you're not into making ice cream, or don't   << Continue Reading >>

Prettier than your average Whiteboard


Hi my name is Abby and I'm a listoholic. I love making a list. On a post it, on the computer, in my phone, in my head, on the backs of old envelopes... and don't get me started on Excel spreadsheets. It makes me feel like I'm sorting things out, even before I get started on actually doing anything on the list.I've been wanting a whiteboard for ages, but they're a bit 'functional' (meaning ugly) so   << Continue Reading >>

Things for Mums – Lace Tuxedo Tank


This top had a grease stain on it that I couldn't get rid of, so rather than throwing it away, I thought I'd pretty it up and hide the mark at the same time. I've been wanting to do something like this for ages and I'm really happy with how it turned out.I started by hand basting a line down the middle in contrasting thread. Then I worked from the centre out sewing on lengths of different pieces   << Continue Reading >>