Sunny Felt Mobile

Sunny Felt Mobile

My sister in law is due any day and I have a million ideas for things to make for the baby. I have real trouble picking what to actually make, but knew I wanted to do a mobile.

I liked the idea of the happy little sun looking over the baby, so played around until I was happy with it. The sun, clouds and raindrops are made out of felt and I embroidered the face on the sun by hand with some perle embroidery thread. I used a stick from the garden too. I hope the baby thinks it’s as cute as I do. At the request of a few readers, I have made the template for the sun face and cloud available to download. 

And for those who are interested, here is a quick run down on how I put the mobile together: For the raindrops, I just cut each one out separately. I stitched them together on a string by sitting them on tissue paper and running it through the machine. I ripped the tissue paper off afterwards. I attached a square of felt at the top of each string of drops to put inside the cloud so that they’re anchored in there pretty well. For the outer part of the sun, I folded a piece of paper into quarters and then half again on the diagonal (like folding a snowflake) and cut a diagonal slice off the top. I had to re-do it a few times until I was happy. Then  I opened it up and traced it onto the orange felt and cut it out. I used 2 circles for the sun middle and embroidered the face onto one of them. I centred the 2 circles on the orange piece and machine sewed around the edge, leaving a little gap for stuffing. I left the threads long and used them to hand sew the gap shut. Same for the clouds, but put the tops of the raindrop strings inside and pinned them in place while I sewed around.

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    Thank you for this great tutorial and template! I’ve just spent the evening making a mobile for my baby-to-be’s room and I love how it turned out. I used embroidery floss to hand-sew my pieces together, just need to attach them all with a stick now.

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