Zippered iPhone Wallet – tutorial


Do you ever go out and all you want to take is your phone and maybe your keys and a credit card? But you don't have any pockets? This little wallet is the solution. It snugly fits your iPhone and a couple of cards, and I added a handy little clip for my keys.I originally made this to clip to the Ergo when I go out for a walk, but it's really handy so I've been using it for more than just that.   << Continue Reading >>

Printing Fabric Labels with Spoonflower


July 2012 - See my 6 month follow up hereSpoonflower is so hot right now in the home sewing world; and with good reason! Where else can you get your own design printed onto small quantities of fabric for a reasonable price?  I'm not sure if you've ever looked into having labels made, but it is expensive. You have to get a minimum quantity and you are typically limited in the font and   << Continue Reading >>

5 (Almost) Instant Toddler Snacks


Here is a quick list of things that I make sure I always have on hand, so that when the cupboard seems bare, there is still some healthy options for my hungry little boy. These are some alternative suggestions to the normal fruit, yogurt, toast and dip that you might think of. I'm a bit unimaginative when it comes to snacks, so it's always good to have several options. As with the rest of the   << Continue Reading >>

Easy Polar Bear Glove Puppet


This little hand puppet makes bath time more fun. It doubles as a wash cloth too. I made a few up using the leftover pieces of towelling from making the bath robe. It's quick and easy to put together and you have a few options for doing the face. For one, I glued on the nose and used fabric paint for the eyes and mouth. For the other, I hand stitched the features on. Either method works well,   << Continue Reading >>

Thai Beef Salad


This recipe is on high rotation at our place during Summer. It's pretty quick to put together, although you do need to marinade the steak. The longer the better, but if you forget, 15 mins is better than nothing. I have left the marinade off before, but it's just not the same. We put noodles in to make it more of a dinner, but you can leave them out for a light meal. Thai Beef Salad serves   << Continue Reading >>

Valentine’s Day Sundae


They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and I suspect this applies to a lot of girls certainly does for me! Hubby and I both have a huge sweet tooth and for Valentine's Day we decided to make up our own little sundaes.You won't find anything fancy on this blog for Valentine's Day. No heart shaped macarons or 10 layer pink ombre cakes...just something easy and delicious!   << Continue Reading >>

Waste not, want not – Spring Onions for Free


I feel like a bit of a chump for not trying this sooner. All the times I've thrown out the bottoms of my Spring Onions when I could have been growing new ones for nothing! I thought that this must be a myth I've heard, but it was no effort to test out and I'm so glad I did. Also, why do these little things have so many names? Scallions, spring onions, green onions, shallots...crazy! Anyway...   << Continue Reading >>

Making a Kids Bath Robe from 2 Towels


Last week, we took Roman swimming for the first time. Once he figured out he could splash, he loved it! So we took him again. After several failed attempts to try and book a baby swim class, I've decided I'm going to teach him to swim myself.After just 2 trips to the pool, I've realised that a towel doesn't cut it. On our walk home from the pool, Roman's towel fell off the pram twice. Luckily, it   << Continue Reading >>

Make your own Baking Powder


You probably think I'm crazy for even suggesting this, but I promise you there's method to my madness. For years now I've been making my own self raising flour. It's just plain (all purpose) flour mixed with baking powder. Nice and simple. I like knowing it's fresh when I make it, rather than sitting in the cupboard for ages and it also means I can store less in the pantry because I only have one   << Continue Reading >>