KCWC – Part 2


It's been a very busy week and I've had a lot of fun, but I think I'll be quite happy to have a holiday from my sewing machine for a bit. Today we decided to go for a drive out to the country, so I didn't get to do any sewing today and sadly I didn't get to finish the hoodie vest, but I'm surprised with the amount I did get done. Roman had lots of fun running around in the park and playing with   << Continue Reading >>

KCWC – Part 1


Well, we're half way through the week and so half way through the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. So far it's been lots of fun and I've been good and organised. Well, organised enough to get lots of sewing done, but not enough to post a project each day. It's been raining all week and so dark I can't take any photos. Anyway, here's what I've made so far:   First up I made Roman another pair of   << Continue Reading >>

Anzac Biscuits


It's cold and stormy today, and the weather has put me in a baking mood. With Anzac Day tomorrow, I thought I'd make up some Anzac biscuits. These biscuits were originally sent by wives to their soldiers during World War I. They had a long shelf life so travelled well. Back then, the recipe didn't use any butter, but over the years it has been added to improve the flavour and texture of the   << Continue Reading >>

Kids Clothes Week Challenge


So I've signed up for the KCWC over at elsiemarley.com and I'm excited about it! I've had a few projects in the back of my mind, so this was the perfect excuse to actually make them. The idea is to spend 1 hour each day for one week sewing some kids clothes. Meg hosts the KCWC twice a year and I love the concept! If you think you'd like to sign up too, head on over to the KCWC sign up and add   << Continue Reading >>

Bean Bag Toys


No, these aren't the kind of bean bags you used to sit on in the 80's... These are the little bean bags you can toss around! They are quick and simple to make and easier for toddlers to grab a hold of than a ball. Plus, they don't roll away under the couch, leaving your toddler crying until you fish it out! You can use different textures, colours and patterns of fabric, which can make them   << Continue Reading >>

Home-brewed Ginger Beer


We all love Ginger Beer and have talked about brewing our own for a while, so one day I just decided to give it a go. I had a look around at a bunch of recipes, which were all pretty similar, but based my batch mainly on this recipe from forgreenies.Ginger Beer is made by starting a 'plant' that is fed for a week. It is then strained and added to sugar syrup and lemon juice. It's pretty easy, but   << Continue Reading >>

Paskha – Another Russian Easter Treat


Paskha is another traditional Russian food that is made at Easter. It is similar in flavour to cheesecake filling. Typically, it is blessed along with the Kulich and eggs, and then spread on slices of Kulich when it is eaten each morning. Like most traditional foods, every family's recipe is different. I tend to make the same recipe for the Kulich each year, but like to change the flavour of the   << Continue Reading >>

Little Lion Soft Rattle


I made up this little rattle the other day and he's pretty cute! It was a quick project and I'm happy with how it turned out. My best friend's baby is getting Baptised and I wanted to include a couple of handmade gifts among her presents. This is a great stash busting project. I had the fabric already from making another toy and also had the ribbon (no idea what I originally wanted 5m of brown   << Continue Reading >>

Strawberry Iced Tea


I served this at hubby's birthday at it went down a treat. It looks really fancy, but is very easy to make. Use any fruity tea bags you like, or even plain old black or green tea would work, although you might want to squash some of the berries in that case to get more berry flavour.Strawberry Iced Teamakes 2 litres4 fruity tea bags (I used Twinings Cranberry and Pomegranate)1/2 cup sugar (or more   << Continue Reading >>

Kulich for Easter – Russian Easter Sweet Bread


Kulich is a sweet Easter bread and a part of the Russian Orthodox Easter tradition. Hubby's family is Russian Orthodox, so I was quite excited to take up this tradition in our house. The bread is similar to the Italian Panettone. Traditionally, the Kulich, along with coloured hard boiled eggs is blessed by the Priest before the Easter Mass. It is then eaten as the first food of the day for the   << Continue Reading >>