KCWC – Part 2

flashback tee

It’s been a very busy week and I’ve had a lot of fun, but I think I’ll be quite happy to have a holiday from my sewing machine for a bit. Today we decided to go for a drive out to the country, so I didn’t get to do any sewing today and sadly I didn’t get to finish the hoodie vest, but I’m surprised with the amount I did get done. Roman had lots of fun running around in the park and playing with the autumn leaves. Most of the photos we got of him have his tongue poking out! Here’s a look at what I whipped up during the second half of the week.

I wanted to try out Rae’s flashback tee pattern to make a long sleeve top and was lucky enough to get all of the pieces from another one of hubby’s old t-shirts. I made use of the hem on the bottom of the t-shirt for the sleeves and used the double needle to do the hem on the bottom and around the neckline. I’m loving this pattern! The fit is great on Roman and I think all his tops until the age of 5 are going to be made from this pattern.


I had an idea in my head to make a tracksuit for Roman with a zip-up hooded vest for the top. I had some grey tracksuit fabric in my stash so pulled it out and cut out all my pieces. The pants came together easily, using the pattern I made for my toddler jeans.

hoodie vesthoodie vest

Then I started to tackle the vest…what a mess! The tracksuit fabric is a lycra blend. Great for making me a pair of stretchy trackies, but not so good for trying to add a zip. I ended up having to hand sew the zip in, which is why I didn’t get the vest finished, but I’m close. I just need to finish around the arms and maybe and some decorative stitching, but I don’t know if it will turn out a mess because of the lycra…I’ll let you know how it goes. I used this tutorial to make the vest, but made my own pattern.


This t-shirt is another using Rae’s pattern and yet another of hubby’s old tees. This one had a heap of little pin holes in it (I have no idea what from) so I had to cut around the holes. I love how the print looks on this and perfect for a size 2 top! I used contrast coloured thread for the hems and I think it matches really well. I made this top up just because the tee was lying around and it’s now one of my favourites.

Hello from Roman!

flashback tee

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  1. says

    Nice work! Did you use the pattern from Two Little Hooligans to make the hooded vest? I wanted to make one but I couldn’t download the pattern, and I’m not game to draft my own pattern just yet.

    I’ve seen lots of people recommend the Flashback skinny tee. What size does the pattern go up to?

    • says

      I actually used the flashback skinny tee pattern for the vest, and traced around a hood to make the hood pattern. I followed the tutorial from Two little hooligans though.

      The flashback pattern goes up to a size 5.

  2. says

    Hmm… might need to invest in that pattern for Miss A’s future outfits. Commercial t-shirts are really wide on her as she’s such a skinny minny. Shame it only goes to a 5 though… Mister L is a size 6 now.

    Do you have a good pattern for winter pyjamas?

    • says

      The pattern sizing is pretty linear, you could probably print it enlarged to make a few larger sizes.

      I’ve been thinking about making Roman some pyjamas this week. He’s grown out of the size 1 Wondersuits. They do make 2s, but after that, who knows! Laura on craftstorming made pyjamas with the flashback pattern for the top and some skinny pants for the bottoms…they look great! Think I might do that. All in ones would be good, but too hard to sew I think (well finish anyway)

  3. says

    Good tips, thanks.

    All-in-ones aren’t practical after a while. Once they are running around I find the soles are too slippery, especially on wooden floors. I had some size two footsie pyjamas that still fitted Miss A but she is toilet training and can’t undo them by herself. Definitely go for the two-piece pyjamas if you want to get next winter out of them as well.

  4. says

    Super cute t-shirts! And I love the sleeveless vest, even if it has been a pain to sew. After all of your hand sewing, I might do that treatment on the sleeves as well, because why not? You know it works, and it will save you the pain of seeing it not go well with the machine. That’s probably what I would do – when it’s done, it’s going to be very practical and cute!

  5. says

    Hello to Roman :)

    You’ve made loads this week. I love both of the T-shirts and the green one looks fantastic. I have searched through all our cupboards and scoured all the local charity shops (which btw seem really expensive here in England) but am yet to find a cool old T-shirt to upcycle. I’m hoping once one turns up there’ll be loads all at once. I really like the colours on that hooded vest and it looks so cosy.

    I look forward to seeing your pjs.

    • says

      The op shops here aren’t much better. I went last week to have a look for some cool tees. The cheapest I found was $6 (£4) and that was for a generic one. Crazy!

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