Getting Shoe Polish Out of Carpet


I took my boots to the cobbler the other day (anyone else think of Karl Pilkington when they hear 'cobbler'?) to get the soles re-done. I picked them up looking shiny and new and took them home. I put them on this morning when I got up and 5 minutes later noticed a few horse shoe shaped marks all over the carpet. Not impressed! It's nice when the guy polishes your shoes after fixing them, but it   << Continue Reading >>

Vegetable and Noodle Slice


This is a different take on Zucchini Slice and makes a nice change from the norm. With the noodles added, it's a meal in one! Easy to make and great for kids and baby led weaning. The addition of the oyster sauce seems a bit odd, but I think it works. You can use any veggies you have.Vegetable and Noodle Slice2 cups cooked noodles, rice or pasta2 medium zucchini, grated1 medium carrot, grated1   << Continue Reading >>

Pimp my Sheet – Stamped Bed Sheets


I made fitted sheets for Roman's cot (tutorial here) from an old bed sheet, but decided they're a bit plain and boring. To jazz them up (jazz is a dorky word isn't it?) I stamped a design onto them. This project was fun and easy and I'm so pleased with the result. Because it's a bed/cot sheet, I went with a sleepy theme, using ZZZ as my outline and filling it with the word 'dream' stamped many,   << Continue Reading >>

Cocktail Hour – Balalika


This drink is very similar in taste to the Blue Kamikaze, but looks more sophisticated. So if you think you're too old to drink blue drinks, give this a go. It's also a better option if you're having a drink before you head out and don't want to risk having a blue tongue.Balalikaserves 11 shot Vodka1 shot Cointreau (orange liqueur)1 shot lime juiceice cubesAdd all ingredients to a cocktail shaker,   << Continue Reading >>

Make your own Rice Heat Pack


We don't live in the coldest of climates, but I'm one of those people who is always cold, so a heat pack comes in handy. This heat pack is based on the one in The Crafty Minx, a lovely book I have full of simple, crafty and recycling ideas. It's great for headaches or a stiff neck and is even nice cooled and put over your eyes on a stressful day. Heat packs are quick and easy to make and you   << Continue Reading >>

Jelly Playdough


I bought the packet of jelly to make this ages ago, but kept forgetting about it. I'm glad I finally got around to making it, because Roman loved it and played with it for about an hour!   The jelly is added to colour and fragrance the playdough, but isn't strictly necessary. I used 'Blue Berry' flavour and it does smell pretty yummy! I don't like the gritty feeling of the salt in the usual   << Continue Reading >>

Reusable Cotton tea bags


Ok, so you probably think I'm mad - reusable tea bags?? Bear with me though. My cup of tea usually ends up with lots of tea bits in it, and I have to leave the last mouthful or two. The diffuser/tea ball I have does a terrible job of keeping the tea in. My tea press isn't much better. In the middle of the night when I should have been sleeping I wondered if anyone has made reusable tea bags.   << Continue Reading >>

My attempt at Pierre Herme’s Macarons


I realise that macarons have been done to death, but they are totally delicious and I haven't seen this recipe online anywhere, which is why I had to translate it.If you're lucky enough to have tried one of Pierre Hermé's macarons, then you know what the hype is all about. I first tasted them in Paris nearly 3 years ago and then would occasionally buy a few from Selfridges when we lived in London.   << Continue Reading >>

Cocktail Hour – Blue Kamikaze


I wonder if Old Mother Hubbard liked a cocktail? If she did, I know how she felt when her cupboard was bare! We had to go and stock up the liquor cabinet recently. There was no vodka, Bacardi or gin in this house. What a crime! You can tell I favour my clear spirits, can't you?After my mammoth effort sewing last week for the KCWC, a cocktail is definitely in order and will make a great start to   << Continue Reading >>

KCWC – Part 3


Kids Clothes Week Challenge is indeed over, but I just couldn't handle having the hooded vest unfinished, so finish it I did!What an awful project! Everything that was wrong with it was all my fault, but it worked out all right in the end. As mentioned in my previous KCWC post, the fabric is a lycra blend so loves to stretch, which made sewing the zip in a nightmare. I ended up hand basting the   << Continue Reading >>