KCWC – Part 3

Hooded Vest

Kids Clothes Week Challenge is indeed over, but I just couldn’t handle having the hooded vest unfinished, so finish it I did!

What an awful project! Everything that was wrong with it was all my fault, but it worked out all right in the end. As mentioned in my previous KCWC post, the fabric is a lycra blend so loves to stretch, which made sewing the zip in a nightmare. I ended up hand basting the zip with little stitches which worked well. After that, I sewed the zip in, top-stitched all the way around the edge and then decided to try it on Roman. Of course, it was a bit tight, so I had to unpick most of the top stitching and sew the zip again, unpick some more…you get the idea. Anyway, I managed to get an extra inch in width, so it was worth all the effort and it looks super cute with the matching pants.

Hooded VestHooded Vest

I also totally forgot to show you these denim shorts I made during the week. I made them and put them away in Roman’s drawer and totally forgot about them! They’re made using the same method and pair of jeans as the toddler jeans tutorial I posted. I think I like them better than the jeans, only because I used the contrast top stitching for a mock fly and around the hems. I made them a little big, so they should be perfect for Summer at the end of the year.

Denim Shorts

While that’s more than enough sewing for the moment, I’m pretty sure I’ll be back at the machine sooner rather than later. All this sewing has just got my mind racing with ideas!

Roman being a Squirrel

We went down to the park for the hooded vest and trackpants photoshoot. Roman was mainly interested in squirrelling away dried apricots in his cheeks. The polo shirt he is wearing is also from my efforts last week at the KCWC. It matches perfectly with the vest lining which is a bonus.

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  1. says

    I’ve been following your progress with the vest. Congratulations on getting it done – sounded like a complete nightmare. It looks really cool!

    My son does the cheek thing with his dried apricots. He stuffs them all in there, says “gone” and puts his hands out for more!

  2. says

    It was definitely worth the extra effort, I know how frustrating it must have been for you but Roman looks so cute in it. That last picture is absolutely gorgeous.

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