A ‘This Blog turns One’ Giveaway


I can't believe it's been one year already since I started this blog. This past year has been lots of work, but mostly lots of fun. The blog gives me the push I need to actually turn all the ideas in my head into reality! Some of them turn out great, and others not so great...but the best part is giving them a go! I'm amazed at how quickly the blog has grown from just my hubby proof reading it.   << Continue Reading >>

Stamped Wooden Chopping Board – Attempt 1


This is a bit of a craft fail, but seeing as we all have them, I thought I'd show it to you all in case someone out there ever tries to do this too! Hopefully I'll save you the trouble.I have a very good sense of smell. I call it my 'Super Nose'. Having a really good sense of smell and taste can be great when I'm at a restaurant and want to figure out what's in my dinner so I can make it at home.   << Continue Reading >>

The Sunshine Award!


Watercolour Image (C) Jennifer EdwardsI was very excited to find out yesterday that Erin from Taking Time to Create nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Erin does lots of card making and lots of other crafts. Oh, and her Strawberry Jam looks amazing. The Sunshine Award is given from bloggers to bloggers. It is for someone “who positively and creatively inspires others in the   << Continue Reading >>

Oven Baked Apple Chips


These apple chips are so easy to make that they don't really need a recipe. But I'll make your life easy and post one any way. I've seen some recipes around that use sugar, but I don't see the need. The baking, which dehydrates the fruit, intensifies the apple's sweetness and flavour all on its own.Play around with different thicknesses for your slices to see what you're happy with. The thinner   << Continue Reading >>

Hello, Lover!


It's my 30th Birthday tomorrow and my totally awesome hubby said I could get a new sewing machine!! Happy Birthday to Me! There's nothing wrong with my old one, but I've outgrown it and there were some features I wished it had.I taught myself to sew on my Mum's old Pfaff when I was about 10, and I've always wanted to go back to a Pfaff. I never knew there were so many cool features I needed on a   << Continue Reading >>

Fold over Cuffs for Footies or Mittens – Tutorial


During the cold Winter months, I like putting Roman in footed pyjamas. I know his toes will stay nice and warm. I get cold feet so I feel like he will too. Now that he's in a size 2, they're hard to come by. He has a pair with fold over cuffs that are genius, so I've been studying them. Luckily, it's really easy to add them to a pair of pyjama pants so that any pair can have footies on   << Continue Reading >>

Cottage Pancakes


We recently pulled a 2.5kg (5.5lb) cauliflower out of the garden, so when Dara of Coffee and Lilacs suggested this recipe to me, I made it right away. The recipe only uses a little bit of cauliflower, but any little bit helps.These cottage pancakes are lovely, light savoury pancakes and you can change the veggies to suit. I already had some ricotta so I used that instead of the cottage cheese in   << Continue Reading >>

Pineapple Upside-down Cake


When I was a kid I thought this was the coolest cake around. I loved pineapple and glacé cherries (still do) and thought that it looked so fancy when you turned the cake out. I found and old packet of the cherries hiding in the back of the fridge and rather than throw them out went and bought eggs, butter, pineapple and brown sugar to make this cake...that's logical right?The recipe is   << Continue Reading >>

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter!


I have a strange attraction to things that are possibly so ugly I think they're amazing! I have a pair of embroidered shoes that definitely fit this category and I have a feeling this coat is one of those things, but no one is game to tell me. The making of this coat was a 'meant to be' moment. A friend of mine gave me some old woollen blankets and there was something about the pumpkin and teal   << Continue Reading >>

Hungarian Goulash


Many European countries have their own versions of this stew, but what makes Hungarian Goulash unique is paprika...lots of it! The meat, usually beef (or veal) is simmered for hours until it's so tender it falls apart. Aside from the paprika and the meat, you only need a few additional ingredients making this stew simple to put together. And don't let the short ingredient list fool you, goulash   << Continue Reading >>