Build-a-Bag: My fabric has arrived! (Part One)


My Spoonflower order arrived yesterday but I realised I mucked it up!! I'm so annoyed at myself. After getting the test swatch I decided that I wanted the sunflowers a bit smaller so that I don't end up with just one on the bag, but I must have got my numbers back-to-front because I made them bigger! So I've had to order another yard of the sunflower print for the outside of the bag.   << Continue Reading >>

Launching the Autumn Street Pattern Shop!


The pattern for the big tote bag is here!!  Just last week I put up a post showing you my new library bag. I've had such an overwhelming response to it that I've been working non stop for the last week to get the pattern ready. The pattern has been tested and proof read and I'm so glad it's finished and ready for you to enjoy. I have dreamt of selling patterns for quite some time now, so I'm   << Continue Reading >>

Works in Progress


I've been really busy this week working on something exciting, so I haven't got a lot to show you.Here's some knitting that I have in progress. When it's finished it will be a lovely big cowl. MadelineTosh has to be the most amazing yarn I've ever worked with! The colours are gorgeous and it just feels incredible! So soft and buttery...mmmmm! I won the yarn as a giveaway on Make it Petfect. I had   << Continue Reading >>

Build-a-Bag: The little extras


Sewing a handbag involves a lot more supplies than just fabric and a sewing machine. Here are some of the extras I've bought lately to get ready to sew my bag. One of the things that really makes a home-sewn handbag look professional is hardware! I got these lovely rectangular rings for my bag straps. I bought them here. They came in a kit with the magnetic snap to close the bag. The zip is   << Continue Reading >>

Biiiiiiig Library Bag!


Regular readers will probably know of my love for the Library. Once a week Roman and I walk down to the library for story time and to pick up whichever books take our fancy. The thing is, that library books are heavy! I mostly borrow non-fiction and usually choose books based on their covers - how very discriminatory of me! I take them home and then have a flick through. I'd love to flick through   << Continue Reading >>

Pincushion and Thread Basket


I've made up a few of these sets and they're lots of fun! The pincushion is as close as I've ever gotten to quilting and I can see why people get addicted. I know I'll never have the patience to do a whole quilt, so the pincushions will have to do for the moment. This is a great scrap busting project. To make the pincushion, I used this tutorial. I'd recommend sewing the button on before   << Continue Reading >>

Sewing over at Emmaline Bags


Today I'm doing a guest post for Janelle over on her blog, Emmaline Bags. Janelle is in the process of moving from Australia back to Canada...I don't think you could pick a longer trip! Understandably, she hasn't got a lot of time for blogging at the moment, so she's got some friends helping out.Janelle's blog is all about hand bags! She sells some patterns and bag hardware and there's lots of   << Continue Reading >>

Recovering Lamp Shades – Tutorial


Recovering lamp shades is actually very easy. Okay, I know I start a lot of posts like that and there are probably things that I think are easy that you might not, but really, this one is easy! Armed with some craft glue and pegs (and fabric of course) you can recover your lamp shades in under an hour. I bought these lamps for $7 each at Target. I like the bases, but the shades were pretty   << Continue Reading >>

Pizza Toast


So it's not the prettiest thing to eat, but Roman doesn't mind and neither do I. I eat this more often than I should, but it's easy, yum and not too naughty!This recipe is from The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook, which I refer to often for inspiration. If you can butter toast, then you can make this, just keep an eye on the cheese in the grill!Pizza Toastmakes 2 slices2 pieces bread2 tsp tomato paste,   << Continue Reading >>

New Cushion Covers for the World Traveller


Before the age of 6 months, Roman had been on 3 long haul flights. He was born in the UK, then we moved back to Australia and we also took a trip to the US. Talk about gluttons for punishment! The cushions on the reading chair in Roman's room were due for an update and I wanted to incorporate a bit of an international theme. At the start of the year, I saw that Spotlight were getting in this   << Continue Reading >>