Happy mail day! Getting ready for #sewaway
 Cleaning out the liquor cabinet by candlelight #hiddentreasures #timeforacocktailparty
 I found pantones colours of the year  #Pantone #pantonecoloroftheyear
 That is all #slowday
 Second hand first - the stories these machines could tell. The tiny machine is over 100 years old. It has survived world wars! I purchased the treadle off a man whose mother owned it. She sewed clothes for her 7 sons on it and was given it by her mother. Buying second hand ties us to the past but also the future. The less we need to produce and consume, the better off we all are! These old machines sew so much better than a modern machine. If you need a sewing machine, go and rescue one of these beauties! #makersforfashrev #fashrev #secondhand #makeandmend
 This is probably my favourite upcycling project. My mums old leather jacket, now a handbag! I've been using it for 2 years and it's still going strong. I'm a huge advocate for upcycling. There is so much waste in the world that I try to minimise my contribution as much as I can. What's your favourite thing to upcycle? #makersforfashrev #fashrev #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes