Guest Posting on Craftstorming


Today you can find me posting on Craftstorming as part of Laura's series Sew Yummy. Head on over and take a look at some sewing inspired by baking and some baking inspired by sewing.I've got a tutorial showing you how to make Saucepan handle cozys. I'm always burning myself on these skillets, but no more!Click on the Sew Yummy button to take a look at the delicious offerings in the rest of the   << Continue Reading >>

Preserved Lemons


Preserved lemons are used in a lot of Middle Eastern recipes. If you've ever tried buying them, they can be tricky to find and then when you do find them, the price can give you a shock! I'm not sure why they're expensive because they're very easy to make and keep for at least a year. Just make sure you remember that they need to be made about a month in advance.I think it's best to use home grown   << Continue Reading >>

Summer Scarf


When I did my big Spoonflower order of everything Sunflowers, I also ordered a yard of cotton voile with the sunflower print at half size. I'm always cold, so I wanted to make a lightweight scarf to help keep me warm. The cotton voile was perfect! I was originally going to make both sides of the scarf with the sunflower print, but when the two layers are together it looked quite dark, so instead I   << Continue Reading >>

A trip to the Zoo


Ros from Sew Delicious and I have met up in real life once before at a kids play centre and this time Ros suggested we take the kids to the Zoo. Roman hadn't been to the Zoo before and I was a bit unsure whether he'd enjoy it or not, but he had a great time!We had great luck on the day. First off, the weather forecast said it was going to rain all day, but it was nice and sunny for the morning and   << Continue Reading >>

Great thrifting!


I've had some great luck at my local op shops lately. First, I found this great vintage pattern for a skirt. It's my first vintage pattern, so fingers crossed that when I get around to making it, that it turns out well. I also managed to find the wool check fabric on the same trip. It's perfect for the skirt and there's plenty there. Not bad for $5. On my latest trip I picked up this sweater.   << Continue Reading >>

Featherlight Sponge Cake


My Father-in-law turned 60 last week and had a party on the weekend. I asked him if he would like a birthday cake and he said he wanted a 'layered sponge filled with fresh whipped cream and strawberries, covered with some chocolate with strawberries' or something like that.Sure! No problem. Then I realised I'd never made a sponge before and had a little freak out. Then I figured that   << Continue Reading >>

The Sunflower Floor Cushion


I pinned the tutorial for this floor cushion by Living with Punks a long time ago and had a sudden realisation that the Sunflowers fabric I had printed that was too big, would be perfect for one of these! My new fabric should arrive any day now, then I can get on to making my bag! The 54" width of the Spoonflower canvas let me cut the side panel in one piece which was great! I was hoping to use   << Continue Reading >>

Modern Monogramming for Kids


This is a post I originally wrote for Boys Own Style Month over at Cook Clean Craft.Monograms are a fun way to personalise clothes and they don't need to look like they belong on the corner of a handkerchief. My modern take is based on Stencil Graffiti and uses a big oversized monogram to really make a point!You don't need to be super crafty or have a lot of tools to put this together. You will   << Continue Reading >>

Chocolate Amaretto Crepe Cake


I promised hubby I'd make one of these for his birthday. That was in March...Oops! So, I made it for Father's Day.This cake is straightforward to make, but does take time. I'll tell you now, that the crepes take ages to make! My batch took me about 1.5 hours. I cleaned up around the house at the same time, so it's not like you're chained to the stove and you do get the chef's perks of eating   << Continue Reading >>

Happy Father’s Day!


  It's Father's Day here in Australia, so Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! Roman loves his Dad a lot. I'm sure he loves hubby more than me, and I'm ok with that. These photos are from Christmas and were taken about a minute apart. Roman was completely happy to have a photo with hubby, but not with me. Oh well! I love seeing them together and every night when hubby comes home   << Continue Reading >>