Happy Birthday Roman!


Roman turned 2 on the weekend and we had the family around for a little party. It was lots of fun and we all ate far too much party food! The morning of the party, hubby and I put together a little cake for him. Roman loved his 'Car Cake' Along with the Felt Play Mat I made for him, I also made up this Dinosaur Tail. I used this tutorial by Jess from Running with Scissors to put it   << Continue Reading >>

Zumbo Hamper Winner!


Drum roll please!The winner of the Adriano Zumbo Hamper is..................................Naomi Raewyn Fuller!You said your favourite Macaron flavour is 'Salted Caramel!'. That's lucky, because you'll now have 2 boxes of them to test out, along with lots of other Zumbo treats!I've sent you an email, so please get back to me in the next 2 days with your address so I can get your hamper sent out   << Continue Reading >>

Zumbo Salted Caramel Macarons Review


First, I showed you how the Zumbo Brownies turned out. BUT, you've all seen a Brownie made from a box before, so how about the Macarons?!As far as Macarons go, these were easy to make. They were a bit more involved than making the Brownies, but they are still Macarons.The packet contains pretty much everything you need to make the Macarons. There is a pack of meringue mix, a pack of almond meal   << Continue Reading >>

Adriano Zumbo Brownies and a Giveaway!


If you're an Aussie, you will have heard of Adriano Zumbo. He is Australia's answer to Pierre Herme, making crazy macaron flavours and all sorts of other delicious desserts. Until now, you had to go to Sydney to try his fabulous treats, but he has come up with the perfect solution - premium packet mixes!These are new out in stores. I was lucky enough to be sent some by the team at Soup, but you   << Continue Reading >>

Home made Cavatelli Pasta


I went to an Italian Cooking class last week and got so inspired I haven't been able to sleep! One of the things we made was Cavatelli pasta. It looks a bit like long shells, inside out Orecchiette, or Gnocchi, but there's no potato in the recipe. All you need is semolina flour and water!Oh, and a Cavatelli machine. I got mine at an Italian imports store which happens to be close by, but you can   << Continue Reading >>

KCWC Wrap Up


I had grand plans for a Super Sewing Saturday. Hubby would keep Roman company and I would get a crazy amount of sewing done and have lots to show you. Then Mum offered to have Roman for the day, so instead hubby and I went out for lunch and to the movies. It was really nice to have a day together and relax. But, that does mean I don't have a lot to show you. I did manage to finish my Oliver + S   << Continue Reading >>

KCWC Update


Well KCWC is already past the halfway mark and I've been doing a lot of sewing, but I don't have a lot to show you. I've been making a few things for my niece for her first birthday, but I don't want to put up any pictures until after her birthday. I've made Roman a pair of shorts and I'm halfway through the Oliver + S Bucket hat. I'm making 2 at once which is going well. I also made up   << Continue Reading >>

Ready, Set, Go!


KCWC starts today! Are you sewing along? If you haven't heard of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge before, here's the low-down. The idea is to spend 1 hour each day for one week sewing some kids clothes. Meg hosts the KCWC twice a year and I love the concept! It's on at the change of season, so perfect for getting your little ones wardrobe organised. If you think you'd like to sign up too, head   << Continue Reading >>

Build-a-Bag: I’ve finished!


My hand bag is finally finished! It didn't actually take that long to put the bag together, but if you've been following along with my Build-a-Bag series you will know I had a few dramas with my fabric order so a lot of waiting for the post was involved. I am glad I resized and re-ordered the fabric...I think the size of the sunflowers is perfect now! I am so thrilled with how the bag turned   << Continue Reading >>

Stash and Carry Felt Play Mat


Roman's birthday is coming up at the end of the month so don't be surprised if you see a few gifts for him appearing on the blog. Ever since I first saw these fold out houses/mats, I've been dying to make one! They just look like so much fun. Fun to play with and lots of fun to make! I followed the tutorial by Narelle at CookCleanCraft to put this together. I made a few changes along the way.   << Continue Reading >>