Last Minute Gift Idea


You can never have too many last minute ideas! Especially for Christmas presents. I find these great for teenagers. I have no clue what they would like! It's not like it was THAT long ago that I was a teenager either. You can pick up everything for this at the supermarket, so you can even put it together in the car on the way. The toothbrush adds a bit of humour, makes it look like you put   << Continue Reading >>

Hand Painted Wrapping Paper


I normally wrap my presents pretty plainly, using brown paper and some nice ribbon, but this year I thought it would be fun to get Roman in on the action.I set up a fingerpainting station for him with some red and green paint and let him at it!He was concentrating so hard and had his head really close to the paper. He somehow managed to get a smudge of paint under his nose, but otherwise he stayed   << Continue Reading >>

Glittery Tree Topper


I've been putting up my own Christmas Tree for nearly 10 years and I've never had a proper tree topper for it! That's pretty bad isn't it?! Especially for someone who loves putting up their tree. I've put all sorts of things on the top, but this Christmas there will be a proper star on top!To make one of your own, follow this great tutorial over on twogirlsbeingcrafty. It took me about an   << Continue Reading >>

Fabric Scraps for Gift Wrapping


I was given a gift that was wrapped in this way and it was so cute that I kept it in the back of my mind for later. Since Christmas is the season of giving, I thought I share it with you all!This is a lovely way to use up little scraps of fabric that you have and takes a plainly wrapped gift up a notch. Fabric Scraps for Gift WrappingYou'll need:A wrapped giftRibbon of your choiceScrap of   << Continue Reading >>

No Sew Gingerbread Man Puppet


Puppets are easy to make and lots of fun to play with. This one doesn't even need any sewing! Just a bit of glue to put it all together. You can use tacky craft glue, hot glue or fabric glue... they're all much the same. Decorate him with scraps of ribbon, fabric or buttons. If using buttons, don't give the puppet to kids under 3, as they buttons may come off and present a choking hazard. If   << Continue Reading >>

Tea Towel Gift Wrapping


I love using tea towels to wrap cook books. I think it's a great way to wrap them up that's a little bit different. It's really simple but looks like you've gone to lots of effort. It's nice for house-warming presents too.You need a fairly large tea towel for a regular sized cook book, so keep a look out for jumbo dish cloths. Finish it off with a wooden spoon, whisk or a few cute cookie cutters.   << Continue Reading >>

Decorative Plates DIY


If you're on Pinterest, then you've probably seen this idea before. While this will work with Sharpies (and I've tried it) the result is not dishwasher safe. I love my dishwasher and get a bit annoyed by things that aren't dishwasher safe.Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paints and pens are dishwasher safe. They give a lovely glazed ceramic look to your work. I used the pens and like that they draw a nice   << Continue Reading >>

Felt Christmas Ornaments


Does your sewing machine have a heap of decorative stitches? Did you think how cool they all were when you bought it? Have you EVER used them?? This is the prefect project to test them out.If your sewing machine doesn't have any decorative stitches on it, tracing around Christmas cookie cutters onto the felt and then hand embroidering over the outline would look lovely.It's a good idea to test out   << Continue Reading >>

Play Felt Christmas Tree – No Sewing Needed!


Does your toddler like to play with your Christmas tree? Do you get panic attacks every time they go near it? Especially when they go near the side that has your favourite glass decoration on it that you got on holiday 5 years ago and you know you can't ever replace?? I'm hoping that this play tree will solve my problem. A little tree just for your kids to decorate and play with as much as they   << Continue Reading >>

A Very Crafty Christmas


I hope you like all things Christmas, because for all of November and December this blog is going to get very Christmassy! During November I'm having 'A Very Crafty Christmas' and will be bringing you lots of fun crafty Christmas projects. Some will be nice and easy and perfect for first time crafters, some will get the kids involved and some will be a bit more complicated. For the month of   << Continue Reading >>