It’s a Boy!

That’s right, there’s going to be a new pooping and screaming bundle of joy here soon! I’m about 21 weeks, so just past the half way mark… Boy has it gone quickly!

We found out last week that the new bub is a boy, so hubby and I can stop thinking about a possible name change for the blog and start thinking of names for the baby! We were in total crisis mode for a while! What if it’s a girl? Will we change the name of the blog? Will I start a second blog?

We also decided that there wasn’t enough going on so we bought a house! We will be moving in 4 weeks. We bought a heap of boxes on Saturday morning and spent most of the weekend packing. We managed to get quite a bit packed, so I’m feeling less overwhelmed by it all. My sewing stuff hasn’t been packed up yet, but all the cookbooks are gone. Suddenly, I have a very strong urge to flick through them…

Back to the pregnancy chat… My Nana sent me this tunic but it was waaaay too big and looked like a night shirt…not very me! I chopped off the sleeves and took in the sides and now I have a lovely, breezy Summer dress that is belly friendly.

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    Congrats Abby! And yay for another boy (I don’t think you would have needed to change your blog name otherwise though). You look gorgeous and that altered tunic is all kinds of awesome! What a lovely bump 😉

    Jen x

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    You look absolutely gorgeous – great baffled expression too. What a beautiful print on the tunic and I love what you’ve done with it, huge improvement. Can’t wait to see the little fella and find out what you call him.

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    Wow! Abby – I can’t believe you can hold out so long without saying anything! Congratulations on your boy. I guess if you had named the blog differently in the first place you might of had a girl? No, I guess it doesn’t work that way, but it’s a good thing you won’t have to think of another name. I am so happy for you and you do look lovely in that “refurbished” dress. Good luck on your move and I hope you will not be without the sewing room long, I know what that’s like! Janelle

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    Thanks everyone! Exciting times ahead indeed!

    Janelle – it was very hard, but we wanted to find out the boy/girl things before gonig public!

    Liz – Can you just put (25)8 Acres in your title photo?

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