Chenille Blanket Beginnings

My craft area is almost ready, well ready enough to start using. I’ve decided that the first project I do should be a fun and special one and I’ve settled on a Chenille Quilt. It’ll be for the new baby and I’m excited to be doing some ‘nesting’ sewing.

I’m sure I don’t have the patience for a real patchwork quilt, but this seems like a good intro to quilting. The idea of cutting the channels to make the chenille is quite fascinating. I’m looking forward to running my hands along it once it’s done. Not only will this be my first go at a quilt, but it will also be my first go at making bias binding and also binding a quilt (or anything for that matter). It’ll be good to learn some new skills.

If you’re not sure what a Chenille Quilt is, check out this fantastic tutorial from Aesthetic Nest. It’s what I’ll be referencing while I make mine.

I picked up all my fabrics on sale and I’m in love with the robot print! It’s one of those ‘meant to be’ projects I think. All the colours match perfectly and I got the chenille cutter on sale. I wasn’t going to get one, but I’ve read it can take many, many hours to do the cuts with scissors, so I thought it was money well spent, especially at half price. The plain blue and green fabrics are homespun that I picked up for the binding. I’m not sure what colour I’m going to use yet. I think I’ll have to wait until the quilt is ready to bind before I choose.

*If you’re wondering, we are STILL waiting on our internet. A technician is coming tomorrow, so hopefully it’ll get sorted out then. Our roof has been leaking in the rain too, so I’m starting to feel like the new house doesn’t like us.

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    I just love this blog. As a granny it has given me lots of ideas of things to do with my grandchildren and I have made lots of the little Ugg boots as presents for colleagues and friends who are expecting babies. Thank you for sharing all these great things.

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