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Lucky last in Cooking the Books is Emily from Fuss Free Cooking. I’ve been following Emily’s blog for a long time and it’s easy to see why…everything she makes looks amazing!! Since she posted her recipe for home made Kecap Manis, I’ve never bought it again and I can’t wait to find an excuse to try out her Steamboat. It’s definitely not a blog to look at when you’re hungry. If only there was a such thing as a scratch and sniff computer screen!

Hi Things for Boys readers! I’m Emily from Fuss Free Cooking.
Firstly I’d like to thank Abby for the invitation to guest post during her “Cooking the Books” series. When she approached me with the series, many cookbooks flashed before my eyes. I must admit my cookbook hoarding has escalated to a new height ever since I started blogging 3 years ago. “It’s in the name of research”, was what I keep telling myself unfortunately.
After going through a couple of cookbooks, I’ve finally found THE ONE that befits my cooking mantra: fuss free. It is none other than the 4 Ingredients – Fast, Fresh and Healthy” by Kim McCosker, Rachael Bermingham and Deepak Chopra which I can’t believe was out of my radar all this time. As I went through the recipes, I was looking for a kid-friendly recipe for Abby’s blog. It is a tricky task I put myself up to, after all, I have been cooking for my beloved and myself all this time and we all know that children are the toughest food critics.

After going back and forth on a number of recipes, I have decided on the lemon chicken recipe. I have a feeling that kids may like these lemon chicken pieces with a slight crispy and tangy exterior. However, judging by the amount of greens I have on my pictures, I have a feeling I may not make the cut with the little critics ha!
Lemon Chicken
Serves 4
4 free range chicken breasts
4 lemons, juiced and zested
1 cup corn flour
1 ltr cooking oil (canola, sunflower, or peanut)
Salt and pepper to taste
Emily’s Notes: I scaled down the recipe to 1 serving, in case you’re wondering why the amount of chicken does not reflect 4 chicken breasts on my play-by-play photos. I used 4 pieces of chicken tenderloin, juice and zest of a lemon, added some black pepper and salt in the lemon juice and marinate for 10 minutes (which was contrary to the original recipe which specifies to add the salt and pepper just before serving). To make the batter, I added about 2 tbps of corn flour. But you could eyeball it by adding the corn flour a little at a time until the lemon juice and the water from the chicken looked like a thick batter (think pancake batter) when the juice amalgamates with the corn flour.
Cut chicken into thin strips. Place in a bowl add lemon juice and zest. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Add corn flour, the mix should resemble a thick batter. If too runny, add a little more corn flour.
Heat half the oil in a small pot, fry a few pieces at a time giving the oil enough time to regain heat (replace oil if needed). Place chicken on a tray with absorbent towel to remove any excess oil. Season with sea salt and pepper then serve.
Emily’s suggestion: In order to make a complete meal, I’ve accompanied the chicken with apple and chopped spinach and rocket leaves salad. As for the “sauce”, whip some plain yoghurt with honey/maple syrup and cracked pepper drizzled with olive oil.

Thanks Emily! So lovely of you to cook a kid friendly recipe. It looks delicious and I think it would be a big hit with Roman…salad and all, although he’d probably just pick out the apple pieces. 😉 Thanks for participating in Cooking the Books.

Have you made a recipe from this book? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought!

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