A Bit of Nursery Decoration

Fox softie

When I was pregnant, I had a sleep in one morning and hubby surprised me by painting the nursery. It looked fantastic and really inspired me to get crafting some things to go in it. We chose Dulux Timeless Grey for the walls and my plan was to have orange accessories.

The first thing I worked on was this Fox softie. I wasn’t able to find an orange in the colour I wanted so I ended up using red. So much for my grey and orange theme! Aside from the colour, I’m so happy with how he turned out! The pattern is from the book Hop Skip Jump, which I also used to make these dolls. I couldn’t find a black pom pom for his nose, so I made a felted wool ball, which was a lot of fun! I watched this video for instructions.

Fox softie

I also wanted to do some art for the room. I’m not generally very good at drawing, but one day I decided to sit down and give it a go. I looked at several fox images and drawings in Google images and did a bit of a sketch of what I wanted. I mucked around with it until it looked how I wanted.

I painted it with Roman’s $2 watercolours. Because I used cheap sketch paper, the first one got a bit too wet and the paper balled up, so I waited for it to dry and then traced the fox onto another sheet. I was much more careful painting the second one and I’m thrilled with it! Next time, I would use proper watercolour paper though.

The frame is an Ikea one that I’ve had for ages. It was natural wood, so I sanded it lightly and spray painted it white. I got the matboard from a local framers and matched the colour to the blind in the room. All up, I think this project cost $15, which is pretty good for some original art…even if it is by me!

Fox watercolour Fox watercolour

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  1. says

    I love how the fox softie turned out! He looks amazing and the nose is perfect. Such a cool painting too. Also, the grey paint looks fantastic against the white.

  2. says

    I love the fox character from the Little Prince so I think both projects are amazing. I can’t seem to find the courage to get started in machine sewing so I absolutely love to watch you create these amazing things…

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