Some Noodlehead Pouches

Noodlehead Pouches

I had some scraps of my sunflower fabric leftover from making my handbag and the floor cushion and thought they’d be perfect for making some Noodlehead Open Wide Pouches. Turns out I had just enough and I’ve got a tiny bit left I think I can use for another project on the ‘To Do List’.

I was planning on making the lining waterproof to use them as cosmetics bags, but I was too impatient to find a time to go and buy some, so I just lined them with some yellow poly cotton I had in my stash. The bottom of the pouches is a yellow Linen.

Noodlehead Pouches

I made the 3 sizes as Anna lists them in her tutorial because I wanted to see how big they were in reality. The sizing is great and I think they’d make great gifts. Such a cute little collection! Now that I’ve made up 3 in the sizes she gives it’ll be easy to modify the sizes to suit. I’m looking forward to making some more.

Anna’s tutorial is great! The pictures are clear and the instructions are nice and easy to follow. The pouches are finished really nicely too. I always love something that looks as good on the inside as the outside. I love the way the zip is put in so that the top opens up so nice and wide for you to easily see everything hiding in your pouch…guess that’s why it’s called an Open Wide Pouch!!

Now to decide what to keep in them! Have you made some Noodlehead pouches? What do you keep in yours?

Noodlehead Pouches

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  1. says

    Oh they are gorgeous!! I love what you did. I still haven’t finished mine but that is because I decided to do some hand embroidery on them and haven’t quite finished that. I think I should do one ‘straight’ one before finishing the embellished one.


  2. says

    What a lovely little family of pouches. They look great in your sunflower fabric and the yellow adds a nice detail. I really must try this one day soon.

  3. says

    I made the big one, and use it to hold some sewing stuff for when I am on the go. Perfect for a small project. My small one holds two cars for my son, and a bunch of fruit snacks for on the go.

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