Keep your Blogging Organised with a Spreadsheet

I really enjoy blogging. It’s a great way to share ideas and connect with like minded people. But blogging can be hard work. If I don’t keep my blogging organised, or “organized” for my American friends, I can get a bit overwhelmed by it all and lose my blogging mojo.

I’m going to share my blog organisation tips with you. Because we all know if we’re organised, we don’t waste time trying to remember what it is that we’re meant to be doing. Which leaves more time for actual blogging, or crafting, or hanging out with your family and friends, or whatever you love to do! Today I will tell you how I use a spreadsheet to keep track of all my ideas.
I have an Excel spreadsheet called ideas.xls (imaginative, huh). I use it to keep track of any ideas that pass through my head. Whenever I think of something, it goes in the spreadsheet. If I’m not near the computer, I put it in a note on my phone and add it to the spreadsheet later. Any time I’m stuck for idea on what to blog about, I can read through the spreadsheet for inspiration. Here’s a breakdown of how I’ve got the spreadsheet laid out:
Blog Post Ideas
One tab in the spreadsheet is specifically for my blog post ideas. Each column is for a separate category. In my case I have columns for sewing, DIY, other craft, cooking, cocktails, seasonal, and a miscellaneous category for any random ideas that fit no where else.
Some ideas sit in the spreadsheet for only a week or two, others I’ve had in there for over a year.  I only remove them if I’ve actually used the idea. Even if I’ve gone off it, I like to leave it there in case I change my mind or it sparks a new idea. You can colour code these ‘old’ ideas if you want to differentiate them from the rest.
I also have a column in this tab for things I have taken photos of, but not yet blogged. It’s handy to keep a reminder of these projects as they can quickly be turned into a blog post if I have the time to write, but not make.
Not surprisingly, the spreadsheet grows much quicker than I can make things from it. If only blogging about ideas was a thing, rather than actually having to make stuff! 😉
Blog Maintenance
The next tab in the spreadsheet is for blog maintenance and info. Here I have noted the fonts and image sizes that I use on the blog. You’d think I would remember this kind of information, but I’m always referring to it.
Sometimes I’m in the mood for doing blog maintenance and sometimes I’m not, so that also gets noted for when I feel like it. Things such as updating my about page, refreshing any photos, widgets etc go here. Maintenance for other blog related things goes here too, such as any ideas for the Facebook page, Twitter etc.
Things to Make
The spreadsheet is not solely for the blog as I also keep track of things I’d like to make. This is pretty similar to ‘blog post ideas’, but is more of a list of clothing I want to make myself and the boys and any fun DIY ideas for the house. This tab has categories for Me, Roman, Ted, Hubby and DIY projects. Once I’ve made an idea from this tab, it gets moved to the next one.
Things I’ve Made
I like to keep track of what I have made too. If I’m in the mood to blog, but haven’t just finished anything, I can look over this for a past project I haven’t yet blogged about. This tab is categorised the same way as the Things to Make tab.
I also keep notes in this tab next to each project, such as any changes to the pattern I used or tips for next time. These come in handy when I use a pattern again 12 months later. If I blog about something from this tab, I colour code the cell to tell myself to ignore it when I’m looking for blog ideas.
What tools do you use to keep yourself organised?

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  1. says

    Great tips! I am bad at blog organisation – I’m usually pretty spontaneous with my posts. Lately I’ve started using a calendar but I tend to hand write lists a lot, I love the satisfaction of ticking things off!

  2. says

    I’m a bit of a handwritten list person like Ros – but I think I need to improve my blog organisation so will have to refer back to this, especially as my blog gets busier

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