This photo perfectly sums up the great time I had at the #dressmakersdo Lots of fun, drinking and fabric fondling! And having too much of a good time to take any nice sensible photos of myself. Lovely coat courtesy of @ekplexis and photo thanks to @maci_nic
 The other part of #dressmakersdo prep begins #warpaint #ihatethisbit #notenoughpractice
 Best birthday present ever!! Thank you @stiles.charles you made my day #mysterydiners #straighttothepoolroom
 I was having so much fun at #sewaway16 I didn't post any pics. Here's a glimpse of my makes. #dressmakersdo outfit, pink wool flannel tova, Liberty undies (5 pairs total) and black wool Harper cardigan. Also made some pillowcases. Had a fabulous time, sad it's over!
 Muslin for #dressmakersdo complete! Time for more tracing and cutting. #bedsheetsaresohotrightnow
 Mmmmmm. Gotta love a gin delivery from @fourpillarsgin Can't wait to sample these delights. #happymail