No Sew Leather Jacket Makeover

Leather Jacket Makeover

Wondering why there are pegs all over my leather jacket? This was a quick little makeover/upcycling project and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Best of all, there was no sewing involved!

Leather Jacket Makeover

This jacket was my Mum’s when she was in her 20′s. She hasn’t kept many clothes from her younger years, but this jacket has survived. As you can see below, it was quite the impressive jacket!

Leather Jacket Makeover

In its full trench style, it was a bit much for me, so I turned it into a cropped jacket. There was a seam at the waist, so I simply unpicked it separating the top from the skirt. I glued the seam allowance down with fabric glue and clipped it with pegs to let it dry.

For the lining, I trimmed it in line with the bottom of the jacket and then sealed it with some fray check. Finally, I used some iron on hemming tape to turn up the lining edge.

The little makeover took me about 30 minutes all up and I’ve been busy working on a project using the skirt part of the jacket. If you follow me on Instagram, then you will have already seen a sneak peek, otherwise I’ll show you next week.

Have you ever upcycled a leather jacket?

Leather Jacket Makeover


  1. Alisa @ A Stitch in Between says

    that’s so awesome! It looks like a completely different piece of clothing, what a great way to use your mom’s jacket!! We have made so many cross-world moves that none of my mom’s youth wardrobe survived :(

  2. Mrs. Lucky says

    What a great idea and an impressive result! Well done. I particularly loved the idea that it was your mum’s and you have found a way to use it as well. Great job!

  3. jax says

    Layers. Create each size on its own layer in Illustrator so the customer can print off just the size(s) needed.

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