Merry Christmas Everyone!


We are flying up to Queensland soon to visit my Mum's family for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to the nice weather, a bit of a break and hanging out with my cousins and all the family. Hubby is hoping to squeeze in a trip to a theme park while we're there. I've had lots of fun blogging this year and have no idea what's going to be coming up on the blog in 2014. I usually like to have a   << Continue Reading >>

12 Days of Christmas


Ted got the call that he was needed at the North Pole to help making toys. Of course, the correct elf attire was needed. I'm guest posting today over on Sewpony as part of the 12 Days of Christmas tour. You can read about all the ups and downs of this little outfit over on the blog now.     << Continue Reading >>

Pyjama Eating Monster Cushion


I was very excited to be asked to join the Cushion for Christmas blog hop. The series is full of great ideas for cushions you can make in less than a day...perfect for gifting. With so many talented ladies on board, especially with crazy awesome quilting skills (which I do not have) I wanted to do something a bit different and fun, so I made a Pyjama Eating Monster Cushion. This monster is   << Continue Reading >>

20 Handmade Gift Ideas for Men


Finally, the list I think a lot of you have been waiting for... handmade gifts for men! I've had so much fun putting all these lists together, I'm a bit sad that this is the last one. Men can be tricky to buy for and even harder to make for. They are usually pretty happy to just cruise along with whatever they have, but I think it's nice to be able to create something special for the important men   << Continue Reading >>

20 Handmade Gift Ideas for Boys


Last week was Baby Boy onto bigger kids. I have a great selection of ideas here, some big, some small and from a range of different crafts so I think I've got everyone covered! If you're looking for gifts for teens, next week's mens gift list should also have some ideas for you too. Here are 20 of my favourite gifts for boys. Want more inspiration? Take a look at my Handmade Gifts   << Continue Reading >>

20 Handmade Gift Ideas for Baby Boys


Last week I brought you a heap of ideas for Edible Gifts to make for Boys and Men. I hope you're feeling inspired. Next up...babies! Like a lot of people, I love making gifts for new babies. They're so cute and cuddly that you can't help yourself...right??The needs of a baby boy aren't any different to those of a baby girl when you think about it, so these ideas can be easily girl-ified with the   << Continue Reading >>

Edible Gifts for Men: Fruit Cake


Adding to my Edible Gift Ideas for Men round up, here is my Fruit Cake recipe. I don't think you can go wrong with Fruit Cake as a gift. I love it, hubby loves it and both our Fathers love it! I gave one to my Dad for Father's Day. My cousin Ross, swears that the best accompaniment is a piece of cheddar cheese...I've tried it out and it's a pretty good combo! This recipe is based on one from   << Continue Reading >>

20 Edible Gift Ideas for Boys and Men


First up in the Hand Made Gift Guides is Edible Gifts. They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and I couldn't agree more! I love giving home cooked treats as gifts. They are always well received and there are just so many options, sweet and savoury. Here are 20 of my favourites. There are ideas for boys and men and I hope these ideas inspire you to get cooking. If you're   << Continue Reading >>

November is Hand Made Gift Month


Buying gifts for boys and men in particular is hard enough, but choosing a gift to make is even trickier! With only 70 sleeps until Christmas (not that I'm counting), a lot of us are starting to think of what to buy and make for the Holiday Season's gift giving. To make the job easier, for the whole of November I'm going to be bringing you lots of inspiration for handmade gifts for boys and men of   << Continue Reading >>

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich


For Laura's last cookie recipe, she has these fantastic loooking Chocolate Christmas Pudding Ice Cream Sandwiches. Quite a mouthful hey?! I could go one now, it's still very hot in our house! Head on over to Laura's blog to see her recipe here. I hope you've enjoyed all these Cookies...leave one out for Santa!     << Continue Reading >>