Orange Power Vinegar Cleaner


Today I'm joining in the fun on the Spring Has Sprung blog tour, which is being hosted by the lovely Cass from Cass Can Sew and Jane from Lil Pip. With the smell of Spring starting to linger in the air, it's a great time to get inspired with some Spring themed projects. You can find the blog schedule at the bottom of this post. There will be giveaways and Linky parties, so be sure to take a   << Continue Reading >>

Getting Shoe Polish Out of Carpet


I took my boots to the cobbler the other day (anyone else think of Karl Pilkington when they hear 'cobbler'?) to get the soles re-done. I picked them up looking shiny and new and took them home. I put them on this morning when I got up and 5 minutes later noticed a few horse shoe shaped marks all over the carpet. Not impressed! It's nice when the guy polishes your shoes after fixing them, but it   << Continue Reading >>

The Low-down on Hand-Me-Downs


There is a lot of stigma around hand-me-downs, and I know a lot of people that curl their top lip up at the idea of them, but I'm not sure why. Especially, when it comes to kids clothes.  Babies and children grow so quickly that things usually only fit for one season, so it seems a waste to see all your hard earned cash being spent on clothes that may only get worn a few times. I personally   << Continue Reading >>

DIY Sugar Scrub: Great for mechanics


My brother is a mechanic and all-round handy guy, so often has grubby hands. I made up a pot of this to give to him for Christmas. It's lovely and moisturising for hard working, dry hands. It's great to use after a day gardening, cleaning or even packing (I always find my hands get really dirty and dried out packing boxes). The sugar scrubs off all the muck, and the honey and olive oil do wonders   << Continue Reading >>

Cleaning my Stove Burners – no scrubbing required!


I'm almost embarrassed to post this. My stove burners get pretty dirty. I guess I think life is too short to be scrubbing the grease off the stove burners, but now that I know this trick, I don't need to. All you need is a little bit of Ammonia and a zip-loc bag. Get a zip-loc bag and put your dirty stove burners in there. I did two at a time so that I could still use the stove, and so that   << Continue Reading >>

Get Organised – Laundry Storage and Dusting mittens


Being renters, we can't put any shelves up and the laundry at out house is a bit lacking in storage. I came across these little baskets at the local discount store and they are perfect! They have 2 suction cups on the back, so they stick to the tiles, and I can take them with me when we move out. The one on the left has my delicates bags in it and the one on the right is full of old   << Continue Reading >>