Perfect Pattern Parcel: Hudson Pants

Hudson pants

This latest Pattern Parcel must be the most perfect pattern parcel for me...ever! It contains all the essentials for my mum uniform. I have made up the Hudson Pants and the Syrah Skirt and haven't taken them off since. Well, only to give them a quick wash, as you can see above. I've got the Julia Cardigan pattern printed out and ready to go too. I apologise for my average photos. We had Roman's   << Continue Reading >>

Perfect Pattern Parcel: Knight Hoodie

Knight Hoodie

Woohoo, boys week!! How could I not join in the fun for the boys Perfect Pattern Parcel tour?! If you haven't heard of the Perfect Pattern Parcel, then let me tell you all about it. It's a fabulous collection of patterns on sale together for a limited time and you get to name your price! All profits from the parcel sales go to charity. This is the 4th Pattern Parcel collection and it   << Continue Reading >>

Shearwater Kaftan – Pattern Parade

Shearwater Kaftan

We are in the depths of winter so naturally I'm dreaming of warmer days. As part of the Make it Perfect Pattern Parade, I decided to sew up the Shearwater Kaftan. The kaftan is my kinda style. On the dressier side of casual but still nice and comfy for chasing the boys around and hanging out at home. There is so much to love about this pattern! It comes together easily and looks so effortless   << Continue Reading >>

Sewing for the You & Me series

kids apron

Today you can find me guest posting over at While She Was Sleeping as part of the You & Me series. All the guests are making items for themselves and their little ones. Roman loves cooking so we've both got aprons to wear now as we bake up a storm! Head on over and check it out!   << Continue Reading >>

Sew Fab – Long Beach Boardies


Oh, how I love these! You can't go wrong with some 'business in the front, party in the back' clothes for kids. These shorts are certainly a bit of fun! This is my last make from the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle and I've been so impressed with each of the patterns I have used. This pattern is the Terra's Treasures Long Beach Board Shorts. It's a great pattern with an awesome size range (3-6mo - 14yr)   << Continue Reading >>

Sew Fab – Laurel Tunic/Dress…well top!


This was a fun sewing project for a few reasons. First off, I bought the fabric at the op shop (thrift store). It's a merino baby rib knit and cost $4! What a score! It was an odd shape, obviously left over from someone else's past sewing project. It also had a couple little holes in it and a stain or two, so it was a fun challenge to get all the pieces cut out of it. I changed the pattern from a   << Continue Reading >>

Sew Fab – Boys Cupcake Top


This was my first make from the Sew Fab Bundle. Winter has definitely arrived and you know how kids and a change of season go...nothing ever fits. When I first opened the Sew Fab Bundle, I knew this was a must make! Tees are quick wins for me. Easy to sew, use little fabric and get lots of use. The pattern is The Cupcake Top (unisex) by Sewing Mama RaeAnna. This is a nice quick sew and I love   << Continue Reading >>

No Sew Leather Jacket Makeover


Wondering why there are pegs all over my leather jacket? This was a quick little makeover/upcycling project and I'm thrilled with how it turned out. Best of all, there was no sewing involved! This jacket was my Mum's when she was in her 20's. She hasn't kept many clothes from her younger years, but this jacket has survived. As you can see below, it was quite the impressive jacket! In its   << Continue Reading >>

10 Refashion Projects Using Wool Blankets


This post was originally blogged on House of Estrela as part of Refashion Month. With all the Fashion Revolution stuff going on, I thought it was perfect timing to bring it back home. Don't forget to join us on April 24th and take the Fashion Revolution pledge. I get great satisfaction out of being able to give an old item a whole new life. It's thrifty, eco friendly and great for the creative   << Continue Reading >>

Perfect Pattern Parcel – Summer Concert Tee


I love the concept of the Perfect Pattern Parcel. It's a semi-regular pattern bundle that supports indie PDF pattern designers AND supports a children's charity. There's a twist too... A good one, not a stupid pointless one like a reality TV show. You get to name your price! You can choose what you think the bundle is worth and that's what you pay. So what's in this first parcel, you   << Continue Reading >>