Happy New Year!


I hope you've all had a lovely holiday season and have some fun plans for New Year's Eve. We usually have a pretty quiet night. If you need some last minute drinks ideas, here is a round up of cocktails from the blog. Some are out of the ordinary, and the Nanna's Knickers does require that you've got some Musk Vodka all ready to drink. Just click on the picture to be taken to the recipe. As   << Continue Reading >>

Cocktail Hour – Balalika


This drink is very similar in taste to the Blue Kamikaze, but looks more sophisticated. So if you think you're too old to drink blue drinks, give this a go. It's also a better option if you're having a drink before you head out and don't want to risk having a blue tongue.Balalikaserves 11 shot Vodka1 shot Cointreau (orange liqueur)1 shot lime juiceice cubesAdd all ingredients to a cocktail shaker,   << Continue Reading >>

Cocktail Hour – Blue Kamikaze


I wonder if Old Mother Hubbard liked a cocktail? If she did, I know how she felt when her cupboard was bare! We had to go and stock up the liquor cabinet recently. There was no vodka, Bacardi or gin in this house. What a crime! You can tell I favour my clear spirits, can't you?After my mammoth effort sewing last week for the KCWC, a cocktail is definitely in order and will make a great start to   << Continue Reading >>

Peach Sangria


I made a jug of this up for New Years Eve and it went down a treat! It's probably a total abomination of Sangria to add the peach schnapps, but it was a lovely addition. It's been really hot these last few days so I'm sure another jug will be chilling in our fridge soon enough. Peach Sangria makes about 2 litres 1 peach, sliced 1 orange, cut into quarters and sliced 1/3 cup Orange liqueur   << Continue Reading >>

Peppermint Schnapps


Day 10 of my 12 days of Christmas...and time for a drink! Peppermint Schnapps is a lovely and refreshing aperitif and makes a nice, home made Christmas gift. I can't figure out if there is a difference between Peppermint Schnapps and Creme de Menthe, but I don't think it matters. This recipe is made using grain spirit. It's also known as Polish spirit or Everclear. You can also find recipes to   << Continue Reading >>

Cocktail Hour – The Bee’s Knees


This drink is great, as long as you like gin and honey. I therefore, love it. With the combination of lemon and honey, I was a bit worried it would taste like a cough lolly, but the complex flavour of the gin stops that. The lemon prevents it being too sweet, but the flavour of the honey really comes through. A surprisingly grown up drink. The Honey Syrup keeps indefinitely in the fridge, so   << Continue Reading >>

Cocktail Hour – French Martini


The French Martini is a great beginner's Martini. Like the Appletini, it's fruity and a little bit on the sweet side. That can often be your downfall though, as the bite of the vodka gets hidden away and you don't realise how potent they are until you've had a few and then get dizzy when you stand up. But don't let a little thing like that stop you.French Martiniserves 11 shot Vodka1/2 shot   << Continue Reading >>

Nanna’s Knickers


I love the saucy names they give cocktails, they're so tongue-in-cheek. The name for this cocktail is inspired by people describing the flavour of Musk Sticks as like 'old ladies perfume'. If you haven't made any Musk Vodka, then it'd still be nice with plain Vodka, but then I guess it needs a different name... Not Your Nana's Knickers?Nana's Knickersserves 11.5 shots Musk Vodka2 shots   << Continue Reading >>