Making Tortillas with a DIY Tortilla Press


(img courtesy of Fuss Free Cooking) For my birthday in June, hubby got all DIY and made me a Tortilla Press! I could hear him working away in the shed and had no idea what he was up to. What a lovely surprise! It's so much fun to use and makes the usual rolling out bit so much quicker. Rather than having to roll out each piece of dough, you simply put a dough ball in the press, lower the   << Continue Reading >>

An Accidental Renovation


It was meant to be a quick mini-renovation, but this has quickly turned into a much bigger project. For a while we had been planning to update the pantry over Easter weekend. It was 3 little cupboards and 2 open nooks and it drove me crazy trying to find things. I'd have to look in 5 spots to find anything! The plan was to get 2 tall cabinets to replace the 5 sections. Our kitchen is an Ikea   << Continue Reading >>

Decorative Plates DIY


If you're on Pinterest, then you've probably seen this idea before. While this will work with Sharpies (and I've tried it) the result is not dishwasher safe. I love my dishwasher and get a bit annoyed by things that aren't dishwasher safe.Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paints and pens are dishwasher safe. They give a lovely glazed ceramic look to your work. I used the pens and like that they draw a nice   << Continue Reading >>

Recovering Lamp Shades – Tutorial


Recovering lamp shades is actually very easy. Okay, I know I start a lot of posts like that and there are probably things that I think are easy that you might not, but really, this one is easy! Armed with some craft glue and pegs (and fabric of course) you can recover your lamp shades in under an hour. I bought these lamps for $7 each at Target. I like the bases, but the shades were pretty   << Continue Reading >>

Printing Fabric Labels Follow Up


It's been about 6 months since I had my fabric labels printed with Spoonflower, so I thought I'd do a follow up to show you how they look today. You can see my original post here, but basically I made up a logo and had it printed onto some quilting cotton*. The tricky thing I did was print them on the bias (at 45°), the idea being that I wont need to press the edges under before sewing them on.   << Continue Reading >>

Fun with Stop Motion Animation


Hubby is between jobs at the moment, so we've been having fun making a stop motion animation with some Lego over the last few days. To make the stop motion, we took a heap of pictures with the digital camera and then put them all together into a video using Windows Live Movie Maker.This would be a fun weekend activity to involve older kids in. Keep in mind, that it can take a while to put it   << Continue Reading >>

Printing Fabric Labels with Spoonflower


July 2012 - See my 6 month follow up hereSpoonflower is so hot right now in the home sewing world; and with good reason! Where else can you get your own design printed onto small quantities of fabric for a reasonable price?  I'm not sure if you've ever looked into having labels made, but it is expensive. You have to get a minimum quantity and you are typically limited in the font and   << Continue Reading >>

Boxing Up and Preserving a Wedding Dress – Tutorial


I, like many others was horrified at the price I was quoted to have my wedding dress packed up. It has since been hanging in the cupboard for the last 6 years. My sister in law hasn't had hers sitting around for quite that long, but when spring cleaning her house, I offered to box up her dress.  It's one of those things that I think isn't really all that hard to do   << Continue Reading >>

Roman’s Smash Cake Session


On the weekend, we did a Smash Cake session for Roman's 1st Birthday. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a Smash Cake is a cake made just for the baby. They get to squash it, poke it, eat it and play with it...all in the name of fun! The idea is to take a heap of photos and I think it's a great way of capturing a baby's 1st Birthday.The day before we planned to do it, I made up the   << Continue Reading >>

Make your own: Home-made Sprinkles


This is the ultimate in DIY! Have you ever looked at the ingredients on a packet of sprinkles? Not counting the colouring, there are 6 ingredients! That seems like a lot to me for some hard sugar. I came across this recipe from BraveTart and just had to give it a go. The sprinkles were really easy to make and only use 3 ingredients, 5 if you count the colour and flavouring. I made a   << Continue Reading >>