A Bit of Nursery Decoration


When I was pregnant, I had a sleep in one morning and hubby surprised me by painting the nursery. It looked fantastic and really inspired me to get crafting some things to go in it. We chose Dulux Timeless Grey for the walls and my plan was to have orange accessories. The first thing I worked on was this Fox softie. I wasn't able to find an orange in the colour I wanted so I ended up using red.   << Continue Reading >>

A Work in Progress


We are all moved and pretty much unpacked, but things are still a work in progress here. The biggest thing at the moment is that we are still without internet! Does anyone remember life about 15 years ago when that wouldn't have mattered?! Now, I'm just going mad! I feel so out of touch with the world. I haven't been checking blogs or reading the news...I feel like I don't know what's going on.   << Continue Reading >>

Recovering Lamp Shades – Tutorial


Recovering lamp shades is actually very easy. Okay, I know I start a lot of posts like that and there are probably things that I think are easy that you might not, but really, this one is easy! Armed with some craft glue and pegs (and fabric of course) you can recover your lamp shades in under an hour. I bought these lamps for $7 each at Target. I like the bases, but the shades were pretty   << Continue Reading >>

New Cushion Covers for the World Traveller


Before the age of 6 months, Roman had been on 3 long haul flights. He was born in the UK, then we moved back to Australia and we also took a trip to the US. Talk about gluttons for punishment! The cushions on the reading chair in Roman's room were due for an update and I wanted to incorporate a bit of an international theme. At the start of the year, I saw that Spotlight were getting in this   << Continue Reading >>



It's nice to finally have our spare room back again. It's one more thing that's nice and orderly again in my life. Now that Roman is in his cot, we are no longer using the spare bed. We used to take shifts getting some sleep in there, while the other one would sleep in the bed with Roman. I get a nice sense of calm walking past the room now that it is back to how it should be. I do think it   << Continue Reading >>