Fun with Stop Motion Animation


Hubby is between jobs at the moment, so we've been having fun making a stop motion animation with some Lego over the last few days. To make the stop motion, we took a heap of pictures with the digital camera and then put them all together into a video using Windows Live Movie Maker.This would be a fun weekend activity to involve older kids in. Keep in mind, that it can take a while to put it   << Continue Reading >>

Roman’s Smash Cake Session


On the weekend, we did a Smash Cake session for Roman's 1st Birthday. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a Smash Cake is a cake made just for the baby. They get to squash it, poke it, eat it and play with it...all in the name of fun! The idea is to take a heap of photos and I think it's a great way of capturing a baby's 1st Birthday.The day before we planned to do it, I made up the   << Continue Reading >>