Constant Change: Dressing my Age

Simplicity 2444

If there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that things change. I've experienced many changes over the last few years. Moving to London for a year and then moving back again. Being pregnant and then a new Mum while we were over there. A couple more house moves. Another baby. I have mentioned on the blog before, that I didn't really buy any new clothes during that time. My body was changing so   << Continue Reading >>

Titchy Threads: Rowan Tee

Rowan Tee

Who doesn't love options?! The Rowan Tee, which is the latest sewing pattern from Titchy Threads has a lot...A LOT! 144 combinations to be exact! You can make it long sleeve, short sleeve, with cuffs or hems, add a hoodie, pocket or some stripe accents. I went pretty basic with this one. The warm weather is coming, so a short sleeve tee was a must. I used an old tshirt of hubby's and some   << Continue Reading >>

Perfect Pattern Parcel: Hudson Pants

Hudson pants

This latest Pattern Parcel must be the most perfect pattern parcel for me...ever! It contains all the essentials for my mum uniform. I have made up the Hudson Pants and the Syrah Skirt and haven't taken them off since. Well, only to give them a quick wash, as you can see above. I've got the Julia Cardigan pattern printed out and ready to go too. I apologise for my average photos. We had Roman's   << Continue Reading >>

My Vintage Singer 201

Singer 201K

I don't know what ignited the spark, but about two weeks ago I awoke one morning with a burning desire to get a vintage sewing machine. I knew nothing about them so spent the next few days scouring the internet to find out everything there is to know. Insert my spiel about how much I love the internet here! But I don't need to tell you how good the internet is! I pretty quickly figured out how to   << Continue Reading >>

My New Necessary Clutch Wallet

Necessary Clutch Wallet

Over a year ago, I made a test version of the Necessary Clutch Wallet and I thought it was about time to make up a proper version. This pattern is one of my favourites from Janelle at Emmaline Bags and the pattern has a huge cult following. I cut it out in stages and stitched up each section as I went along. I am so thrilled with it and do a little dance inside every time I pull it out of my   << Continue Reading >>

The Scooter Buddy

Scooter Buddy

I've been wanting to make a little bag to go on Roman's scooter for ages, so when Natalie from Sew Outnumbered asked me to join the tour for her new tutorial, it was an easy yes! Roman is always carrying trains or crayons or pegs (why?!) or his Peter Rabbit and he was very excited when I told him he'd be able to carry stuff around on the scooter now. The tutorial has you cut your three main   << Continue Reading >>

Unpick a Serged Seam the Easy Way

Unpick Serging

I used to be so scared at the thought of having to unpick my overlocking, but it's actually pretty easy. I'd almost say it's as easy as unpicking a regular sewn seam. Like everything, I'm sure there is more than one way to unpick a serged seam, but this is my favourite. Below you can see the two needle threads running horizontally and the upper looper looping in between them vertically. To   << Continue Reading >>

Noodlehead Divided Basket

Noodehead Basket

I am in love with this pattern! I bought it ages ago, but never got around to making one, so when Kendra from Good Starter, decided to host a divided basket sewalong on Instagram, I jumped in. I have a bit of a crafty crush on Anna from Noodlehead. I've always loved the look of her blog, her style and her patterns...every single one of them. They all look so well finished! I have to say I was   << Continue Reading >>

My 10 Favourite Shorts Patterns for Boys

Climbing Shorts

It's my turn for Shorts on the Line today, and it's far too cold to wear shorts here at the moment, so I thought I'd do something a bit different and do a round up of my favourite shorts patterns for boys. Some are free, some are paid, but I think you'll agree they're all super cute! As always, they can easily be used for girls too, just change the fabric to suit. I've stuck to patterns for   << Continue Reading >>

Shearwater Kaftan – Pattern Parade

Shearwater Kaftan

We are in the depths of winter so naturally I'm dreaming of warmer days. As part of the Make it Perfect Pattern Parade, I decided to sew up the Shearwater Kaftan. The kaftan is my kinda style. On the dressier side of casual but still nice and comfy for chasing the boys around and hanging out at home. There is so much to love about this pattern! It comes together easily and looks so effortless   << Continue Reading >>