How to Store Your Used Sewing Machine Needles


You may not know who Anne Weaver is, but all of us sewing bloggers certainly do. Anne is the editor of the sewing pages on Craft Gossip. Craft Gossip is a fantastic site that hunts down crafty goodness for their readers. Each day they post great tutorials and crafts they have found from searching the internet high and low. Without Anne's work, some of you may never have found my blog. I know there   << Continue Reading >>

My Vintage Singer 20


Ever since I bought my first vintage Singer machine (the Singer 201K) I have been checking eBay most days to see what other machines are around. You could say I have Singer fever. And I'm sure if you ask any other Vintage Sewing Machine collector they would tell you it's a thing. When this sweet little thing came up on eBay I jumped on it. It's so cute! So much smaller than I thought it   << Continue Reading >>

Kids Clothes Week is Coming!


Kids Clothes Week is on again next week! I am in love with the theme too....UPCYCLING! I love upcycling for so many reasons, it's economical, it's great for the environment, it lets you breathe new life into old items, it lets you reinvent your mistakes, and it can save you time too as I will often re-use the hems, necklines or pockets where possible. There are a heap of projects on the blog to   << Continue Reading >>

That’s So 2014!

Best of 2014

All the cool kids are doing it, so I thought I'd join in the fun and do a round up of my 7 most popular posts for 2014. 7?! Yeah, why not? Here goes... 20 Handmade Gift Ideas for Boys Many people seem to struggle with ideas for handmade gifts when it comes to boys, so I'm glad this round up has proved helpful. 10 Refashion Projects Using Wool Blankets Wool blankets are easy to come   << Continue Reading >>

Another Noodlehead Divided Basket


I have already professed my love for this pattern and was excited to make another. The Noodlehead Divided Basket is so handy and easy to make. I made this one specifically for storing patterns.  I had a bit of fabric left over from making this Big Tote Bag and knew it would be perfect for this project. To fit all of my stash, I think I need to make a couple more. The Divided Basket   << Continue Reading >>

8 Panel Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas Tree Skirt

I never used to understand the point of a Christmas Tree Skirt. That was until I had toddlers. Toddlers who love to break my beautiful glass ornaments. Now I think tree skirts are one of those things that should be included in the pack you get at the hospital. So after having a few ornaments broken, I decided to make a Christmas Tree Skirt. This one is big! I wanted it to be wider than the bottom   << Continue Reading >>

Christmas Stockings

christmas stocking

I was meant to make Ted's Christmas stocking last year, but I never quite got around to it. The fabric has been sitting on my to do pile for a whole year! My sister in law and I had a bit of a Christmas sewing night earlier this week and both put stockings together for our poor neglected second children. Anyone else get a bit lazy making things for their subsequent kids? These Christmas   << Continue Reading >>

Constant Change: Dressing my Age

Simplicity 2444

If there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that things change. I've experienced many changes over the last few years. Moving to London for a year and then moving back again. Being pregnant and then a new Mum while we were over there. A couple more house moves. Another baby. I have mentioned on the blog before, that I didn't really buy any new clothes during that time. My body was changing so   << Continue Reading >>

Titchy Threads: Rowan Tee

Rowan Tee

Who doesn't love options?! The Rowan Tee, which is the latest sewing pattern from Titchy Threads has a lot...A LOT! 144 combinations to be exact! You can make it long sleeve, short sleeve, with cuffs or hems, add a hoodie, pocket or some stripe accents. I went pretty basic with this one. The warm weather is coming, so a short sleeve tee was a must. I used an old tshirt of hubby's and some   << Continue Reading >>

Perfect Pattern Parcel: Hudson Pants

Hudson pants

This latest Pattern Parcel must be the most perfect pattern parcel for me...ever! It contains all the essentials for my mum uniform. I have made up the Hudson Pants and the Syrah Skirt and haven't taken them off since. Well, only to give them a quick wash, as you can see above. I've got the Julia Cardigan pattern printed out and ready to go too. I apologise for my average photos. We had Roman's   << Continue Reading >>