Some Noodlehead Pouches


I had some scraps of my sunflower fabric leftover from making my handbag and the floor cushion and thought they'd be perfect for making some Noodlehead Open Wide Pouches. Turns out I had just enough and I've got a tiny bit left I think I can use for another project on the 'To Do List'. I was planning on making the lining waterproof to use them as cosmetics bags, but I was too impatient to find   << Continue Reading >>

Build-a-Bag: I’ve finished!


My hand bag is finally finished! It didn't actually take that long to put the bag together, but if you've been following along with my Build-a-Bag series you will know I had a few dramas with my fabric order so a lot of waiting for the post was involved. I am glad I resized and re-ordered the fabric...I think the size of the sunflowers is perfect now! I am so thrilled with how the bag turned   << Continue Reading >>

Summer Scarf


When I did my big Spoonflower order of everything Sunflowers, I also ordered a yard of cotton voile with the sunflower print at half size. I'm always cold, so I wanted to make a lightweight scarf to help keep me warm. The cotton voile was perfect! I was originally going to make both sides of the scarf with the sunflower print, but when the two layers are together it looked quite dark, so instead I   << Continue Reading >>

The Sunflower Floor Cushion


I pinned the tutorial for this floor cushion by Living with Punks a long time ago and had a sudden realisation that the Sunflowers fabric I had printed that was too big, would be perfect for one of these! My new fabric should arrive any day now, then I can get on to making my bag! The 54" width of the Spoonflower canvas let me cut the side panel in one piece which was great! I was hoping to use   << Continue Reading >>

Build-a-Bag: My fabric has arrived! (Part One)


My Spoonflower order arrived yesterday but I realised I mucked it up!! I'm so annoyed at myself. After getting the test swatch I decided that I wanted the sunflowers a bit smaller so that I don't end up with just one on the bag, but I must have got my numbers back-to-front because I made them bigger! So I've had to order another yard of the sunflower print for the outside of the bag.   << Continue Reading >>

Build-a-Bag: My swatches arrived!


Well it seemed like forever, but checking the mail box twice a day finally paid off when my swatches arrived this week! It is unbelievably exciting opening that package! I'm very happy with how they turned out. They look very close to how they looked on the computer screen. I found the yellow on the petals looked a bit lighter than I wanted, so I've darkened and brightened them up a bit for my   << Continue Reading >>

Printing Fabric Labels Follow Up


It's been about 6 months since I had my fabric labels printed with Spoonflower, so I thought I'd do a follow up to show you how they look today. You can see my original post here, but basically I made up a logo and had it printed onto some quilting cotton*. The tricky thing I did was print them on the bias (at 45°), the idea being that I wont need to press the edges under before sewing them on.   << Continue Reading >>

Build-a-Bag: Let’s Start at the Very Beginning


I've been wanting to make my own handbag for a long time. Not to do things by halves, I thought  it would be pretty cool to make the fabric for it as well. I thought I'd do a mini series showing you the whole process from designing my fabric, all the way to the finished could take a while. So here's Part One: Designing the fabric! Thanks to Spoonflower, us regular folk can do some   << Continue Reading >>

Printing Fabric Labels with Spoonflower


July 2012 - See my 6 month follow up hereSpoonflower is so hot right now in the home sewing world; and with good reason! Where else can you get your own design printed onto small quantities of fabric for a reasonable price?  I'm not sure if you've ever looked into having labels made, but it is expensive. You have to get a minimum quantity and you are typically limited in the font and   << Continue Reading >>