What Would Celina Do? Lego Stamped Tee


I first discovered Celina's blog when I came across this tutorial on Pinterest. I've had the idea pinned for such a long time and when Laura asked me 'What Would Celina Do?', I knew straight away that I wanted to do some Lego stamping for my project. This is such a simple and effective project and I'm so pleased with the result! I didn't have a foam brush, so just ripped the corner off a   << Continue Reading >>

KCW – Coastal Cargos, Flashback Tees and Fancy Pants


These would have to be some of the least 'Coastal' or 'Cargo' looking Coastal Cargos I've seen. I wanted to play with the pattern and Roman needed some pants for Church, so they're more Tuxedo style. I really like the pattern, it gives you so many options, so there will be a lot more of these coming. I've already bought 5 pieces of fabric for other pairs!   These pants were nice and   << Continue Reading >>

Summer Scarf


When I did my big Spoonflower order of everything Sunflowers, I also ordered a yard of cotton voile with the sunflower print at half size. I'm always cold, so I wanted to make a lightweight scarf to help keep me warm. The cotton voile was perfect! I was originally going to make both sides of the scarf with the sunflower print, but when the two layers are together it looked quite dark, so instead I   << Continue Reading >>

Modern Monogramming for Kids


This is a post I originally wrote for Boys Own Style Month over at Cook Clean Craft.Monograms are a fun way to personalise clothes and they don't need to look like they belong on the corner of a handkerchief. My modern take is based on Stencil Graffiti and uses a big oversized monogram to really make a point!You don't need to be super crafty or have a lot of tools to put this together. You will   << Continue Reading >>

Boy’s Own Style Month at Cook Clean Craft


Narelle of Cook Clean Craft is hosting 'Boy's Own Style Month' at the moment. For the whole month of July she is featuring posts showing you how to personalise clothes, particularly for boys. Boys clothes can be tricky, you can't simply put a frill on there to pretty them up, so you have to be creative to put a bit of style into it. I am super excited to be guest posting over there   << Continue Reading >>

Stamped Wooden Chopping Board – Attempt 1


This is a bit of a craft fail, but seeing as we all have them, I thought I'd show it to you all in case someone out there ever tries to do this too! Hopefully I'll save you the trouble.I have a very good sense of smell. I call it my 'Super Nose'. Having a really good sense of smell and taste can be great when I'm at a restaurant and want to figure out what's in my dinner so I can make it at home.   << Continue Reading >>

Pimp my Sheet – Stamped Bed Sheets


I made fitted sheets for Roman's cot (tutorial here) from an old bed sheet, but decided they're a bit plain and boring. To jazz them up (jazz is a dorky word isn't it?) I stamped a design onto them. This project was fun and easy and I'm so pleased with the result. Because it's a bed/cot sheet, I went with a sleepy theme, using ZZZ as my outline and filling it with the word 'dream' stamped many,   << Continue Reading >>

Make your own Rice Heat Pack


We don't live in the coldest of climates, but I'm one of those people who is always cold, so a heat pack comes in handy. This heat pack is based on the one in The Crafty Minx, a lovely book I have full of simple, crafty and recycling ideas. It's great for headaches or a stiff neck and is even nice cooled and put over your eyes on a stressful day. Heat packs are quick and easy to make and you   << Continue Reading >>

Oliver + S Bucket Hat – Free Pattern and Review


This is the first Oliver + S pattern I have tried out and I love it! It is well written, easy to understand and makes a great finished product that is true to size. It's funny that I say true to size, I actually had to make the size 3 - 5 years, even though Roman is only 15 months. That is because his head measured up for the 3 - 5 years size. That boy has one big fat head! The health nurse tells   << Continue Reading >>

Cutlery Storage Roll – Tutorial


Do you have one of those 'good' cutlery sets? You know the ones, they get pulled out for Christmas and then for the rest of the year, take up a huge amount of space in an awkwardly large box.Well, I decided to store them in a roll, like chefs knives. They take up a lot less space and still stay nice and shiny. You can see below, that they use about 1/4 of the space of the box. To make this a quick   << Continue Reading >>