Last Minute Sweet Treat for Valentine’s Day


I must admit, we don't go to much trouble for Valentine's Day. It's so commercialised here in Australia that I'm a bit put off the whole idea of 'we are telling you to be romantic today so go and buy some flowers or chocolates!' BUT...I do love any excuse to have something sweet and this little treat can be whipped up in a minute! It is perfect with berries, but also yum with pineapple,   << Continue Reading >>

Handmade Winter: Hazelnut Spiral Cookies


Since the Handmade Winter eBook came out, I have't been able to get the thought of spiral cookies out of my head! I fondly remember my Mum making them when we were kids and I really wanted to give them a go. As much as I would love some pink and covered in 100s & 1000s cookies, I thought I would make a more grown up version. I modified the recipe a bit and made it into Hazelnut Spiral   << Continue Reading >>

Almond, Rose and Cardamom Cordial


If you know anyone in the Southern States of Australia, then you'll know it's been crazy hot here! We've had temperatures over 40°C (105°F) every day this week!! But rather than complain about how hot it is, I thought I'd make up some fancy cordial to enjoy. The drink is a lovely milky white colour and is nice and refreshing. This syrup is delicious topped with sparkling or still water. For an   << Continue Reading >>

Edible Gifts for Men: Fruit Cake


Adding to my Edible Gift Ideas for Men round up, here is my Fruit Cake recipe. I don't think you can go wrong with Fruit Cake as a gift. I love it, hubby loves it and both our Fathers love it! I gave one to my Dad for Father's Day. My cousin Ross, swears that the best accompaniment is a piece of cheddar cheese...I've tried it out and it's a pretty good combo! This recipe is based on one from   << Continue Reading >>

Walnut Crumble Coffee Slice


I had a craving for a Coffee Cake so had a quick flick through my cookbooks for some inspiration. I came across this recipe and it sounded pretty good. I liked the idea of the crunchy Walnut Crumble topping on it and it used sour cream, which was handy as I had a bit in the fridge that needed to be used up. This recipe is adapted from one in the Australian Women's Weekly Bake cookbook, which is   << Continue Reading >>

Sugar Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free Fruit Loaf


I'm actually surprised how nice this tastes considering it has no eggs, no dairy and no added sugar! Not bad for a vegan, baby friendly recipe. All the sweetness comes from the dried fruit and orange juice and there's not much else to this recipe. The loaf keeps well in an airtight tin and also freezes well too. I've frozen it cut into slices, so I can pull one out when Roman is getting   << Continue Reading >>

Apple and Sultana Muffins


Hubby loves Buttermilk Chicken for dinner, but I often end up with half a carton of buttermilk in the fridge that gets forgotten about. This time I made sure I put it to good use. These muffins are really easy to put together and could be changed up a lot with all kinds of fruit or even choc chips. The recipe is based on this one from The cooked muffins hold together really nicely   << Continue Reading >>

Cooking the Books: AWW Cakes, Biscuits and Slices


Baking today is Narelle from Cook Clean Craft. Before blogging, Narelle was an Engineer just like I was! It sure feels like a lifetime ago for me. Last year I participated in Boy's Own Style Month on Narelle's blog. Now she's returning the favour and testing out the Australian Women's Weekly: Cakes Biscuits and Slices. Take it away Narelle! I love to bake – maybe it’s in my genes since my   << Continue Reading >>

Cooking the Books: Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache


Baking today is Laura from Craftstorming. We've been following each-other's blogs for a while now and have become very good friends...if only by email! I first found Laura's blog when I was looking to make Roman some baby sleeping bags (grobags) and came across her awesome version! Laura not only sews, but bakes too and you'll find plenty of delicious goodies on her blog. Today she's testing out a   << Continue Reading >>

Cooking the Books: Indulgence Chocolate


I totally judged the book by it's cover when I bought this. The cover photo of those dried up orange slices dipped in dark chocolate had me licking my lips, so I bought the book without a second thought. The book, Indulgence Chocolate: A Fine Selection of Sweet Treats is one of a series of Indulgence books. I've also got Indulgence Cupcakes and Indulgence Petits Fours. The covers are printed   << Continue Reading >>