Sew Fab – Long Beach Boardies


Oh, how I love these! You can't go wrong with some 'business in the front, party in the back' clothes for kids. These shorts are certainly a bit of fun! This is my last make from the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle and I've been so impressed with each of the patterns I have used. This pattern is the Terra's Treasures Long Beach Board Shorts. It's a great pattern with an awesome size range (3-6mo - 14yr)   << Continue Reading >>

Sew Fab – Boys Cupcake Top


This was my first make from the Sew Fab Bundle. Winter has definitely arrived and you know how kids and a change of season go...nothing ever fits. When I first opened the Sew Fab Bundle, I knew this was a must make! Tees are quick wins for me. Easy to sew, use little fabric and get lots of use. The pattern is The Cupcake Top (unisex) by Sewing Mama RaeAnna. This is a nice quick sew and I love   << Continue Reading >>

Pyjama Eating Monster Cushion


I was very excited to be asked to join the Cushion for Christmas blog hop. The series is full of great ideas for cushions you can make in less than a day...perfect for gifting. With so many talented ladies on board, especially with crazy awesome quilting skills (which I do not have) I wanted to do something a bit different and fun, so I made a Pyjama Eating Monster Cushion. This monster is   << Continue Reading >>

Handmade Gifts for Boys: Wooden Geometric Tiles


My handmade gift today is a bit different from what I usually put up on the blog, but I had so much fun making it and I must confess, I've had a lot of fun playing with it too! These wooden geometric tiles are quick and simple to make and are a colourful toy for some open ended play. I used a scrap piece of MDF to make these. To start off, I got hubby to cut me the tiles. Mine are 5x5cm   << Continue Reading >>

Small Fry Skinny Jeans


A couple weeks back, Laura from Craftstorming had a sew-along for her new upcoming pattern, the Small Fry Skinny Jeans. With the change of season coming, it was perfect timing and I followed along to make up a pair for Roman. He loves his new 'Lion pants' (the waistband facing and pocket lining have a lion print on them) and I'm having a hard time getting them in the wash because he wants to   << Continue Reading >>

Zaaberry Messenger Bag


Roman is at the age where he loves to stuff things into pockets and bags to carry around. This tutorial for a Kids Messenger Bag from Zaaberry was perfect to make him a bag of his own. The style of bag is great for boys (and girls) and the tutorial was nice and easy to follow. This bag was cut out and sewn in about an hour. The size given makes a bag perfect for a 2 or 3 year old but it's also   << Continue Reading >>

Jelly Playdough made with British Solid Jelly


Whenever my relatives make the trip from the UK here to Australia for a visit, they always bring us some UK Jelly. Unlike Australian Jelly and American Jello which comes in crystals/powder, the jelly from the UK comes in a solid block (called a tablet) in the packet. What's so good about it is that you can eat it straight from the pack! Cut into little cubes it's a super sweet but yummy   << Continue Reading >>

Fun with Softies!


I recently decided to have a go at making softies, and boy is it fun! I think I'm hooked. The hardest part is deciding on the face, but once you stitch it on, they really come to life! I made a doll for my best friend's daughter's First Birthday and had so much fun making it that I decided to make up a boy version for Roman! I top-stitched little pockets and a fly onto his pants to give him   << Continue Reading >>

No Sew Gingerbread Man Puppet


Puppets are easy to make and lots of fun to play with. This one doesn't even need any sewing! Just a bit of glue to put it all together. You can use tacky craft glue, hot glue or fabric glue... they're all much the same. Decorate him with scraps of ribbon, fabric or buttons. If using buttons, don't give the puppet to kids under 3, as they buttons may come off and present a choking hazard. If   << Continue Reading >>

Play Felt Christmas Tree – No Sewing Needed!


Does your toddler like to play with your Christmas tree? Do you get panic attacks every time they go near it? Especially when they go near the side that has your favourite glass decoration on it that you got on holiday 5 years ago and you know you can't ever replace?? I'm hoping that this play tree will solve my problem. A little tree just for your kids to decorate and play with as much as they   << Continue Reading >>