A trip to the Zoo

Zoo trip

Ros from Sew Delicious and I have met up in real life once before at a kids play centre and this time Ros suggested we take the kids to the Zoo. Roman hadn’t been to the Zoo before and I was a bit unsure whether he’d enjoy it or not, but he had a great time!

We had great luck on the day. First off, the weather forecast said it was going to rain all day, but it was nice and sunny for the morning and didn’t start to rain until we got into the car to leave. Roman loved watching the seals from under the water swim and loop around.

Zoo trip

We also managed to walk past most of the animals at the perfect time. We got to see the Mum and baby elephants parading and playing. We also stood right in front of a tiger as it paced along the glass. Roman thought it was quite funny. I was glad the glass was there.

Zoo trip

We also caught the lions roaring loudly for their lunch. This one was pretty tired and yawned a bit. It’s a tough life sun baking all day, isn’t it?!

Zoo trip

I just love the kids peeking through the fence to see the elephants.

Thanks Ros and girls, we had a lovely day out!


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    Sounds like a fantastic trip. Our local zoo doesn’t have elephants or lions. I have got some video footage of one of the keepers mowing the grass in the cheetah enclosure while the cheetahs were there. I love the picture of the lion yawning. Not sure I fancy that. That’s not a Mamas and Papas pushchair is it?

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