Make your own: Home-made Sprinkles

Blue Sprinkles

This is the ultimate in DIY! Have you ever looked at the ingredients on a packet of sprinkles? Not counting the colouring, there are 6 ingredients! That seems like a lot to me for some hard sugar. I came across this recipe from BraveTart and just had to give it a go. The sprinkles were really easy to make and only use 3 ingredients, 5 if you count the colour and flavouring.

I made a batch of blue ones that I’m going to use on Roman’s birthday cake. I only used about a third of the recipe below before my hand was too cramped to do any more.

Home-made Sprinkles
makes about 2 cups

240g icing sugar
1 egg white*
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp flavouring, I used coconut extract
colouring of your choice

Blue Sprinkles

Combine the first 4 ingredients in the bowl of a stand mixer** and fit the paddle attachment. Mix on low until the mixture forms a thick paste. Add your colouring and mix. Repeat if needed, until you have the desired colour. If you want to make several different colours, separate the white mixture out into bowls and tint each lot.

Fit a piping bag with a multi opening tip (Wilton #134) and pipe lines out onto baking paper. I piped straight onto my silicon baking sheets. Leave to dry for 24hrs.

Blue Sprinkles

Loosen the lines by picking up the corners of the baking paper and gently tapping the back of the paper. Put into a pile and chop. Repeat a few times until they’re pretty evenly cut up.

Now get decorating!

*BraveTarts site also has a recipe for a vegan version.
**You could easily do this with a hand mixer

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    • karen says

      Rude! Also it is a quick solution to not using the unhealthy sprinkles with dyes and crap for your kids! Not a waste of time if you ask me. Also a heck of a lot cheaper than sprinkles.

  1. says

    Thanks for sharing the recipe and the lovely example photos! This is probably a good recipe to use for ornamental cake toppings too, like those edible “Happy Birthday” things you buy that taste like hard sugar!

  2. says

    If I get carpal tunnel syndrome this will be the reason. I’m loving this so far. Just finished mixing and piping my first batch! Can’t wait to finish!

  3. says

    @Calida – I think the ‘Happy Birthday’ signs would taste much nicer made from this than the bought ones (my hubby likes to eat them) :/

    @Erin – good luck! I took a few hours to pipe mine. I did a few rows and then left it and did something else. When I came back I just poked the holes in the piping tip with a toothpick to loosen any hard icing and did a few more rows.

  4. says

    This is what I have been looking for. Do you sometimes want a certain color of sprinkles and all you get to see available in baker shops are the assorted ones? How do I go about picking out all the pink ones or the yellow ones? This is the best way to do it. Do it yourself sprinkles! If everything else fails, I can just crush everything and I have the perfect colored crumbs, still good for decorating. Thanks! 😉

  5. says

    Hi first time here…and I am glad I stumbled into this lovely space….this is a fantastic idea and I am so excited just thinking of all the exciting colours I now will be able to make…YAY!!

  6. says

    This is a dumb question, but what multi open tip did you use? The one that makes grass? I guess I am tired, just not visualizing it. However, this really is a great idea (despite what anon says). Thanks for sharing!!

  7. says

    @Lindsay – thanks!

    @Jennifer – I used a tip with 5 holes in a row in it (Wilton #134) I’m not sure that the grass tip would work because I imagine some of the rows of icing would rest on top of others. I will test it out next time I make some though. If you use the grass tip let me know how it works.

  8. Anonymous says

    Instead of piping it how about using a spreader with fine teeth or a new unused comb. you could make it quicker. Just a thought to add to your brill ide. From Kiss me cake xx

  9. Anonymous says

    Why the need for salt though?
    Aren’t we meant to be keeping salt out of cooking?

    Apart from that it sounds a good idea for getting that perfect shade :-)

  10. says

    How very cool is this! I don’t know that I have a tip like this but it’s worth finding one so I can have a specific color of sprinkle whenever I want it and at a fraction of the cost. Brilliant idea. Many thanks!

  11. says

    @Kiss me cake – I like the idea of a spreader…very cool! And about 1000 times faster if it works…you’ve got me thinking!

    @Anon – TBH, I’m not sure why the salt is in the original recipe, I’m guessing it’s to help them dry quicker or to increase the shelf life. It’s such a tiny amount, I’m sure you could leave it out without any problems.

    @the Mom chef – you can do these with a writing tip, but because it’s only got one hole, it would take you 5 times as long. :/

    • says

      I’m not sure. Angel hair is a fair bit thicker than sprinkles. Also, I’m not sure the icing would go through the pasta machine. If you do give it a go, I’d love to hear how it works out!

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