Easy Polar Bear Glove Puppet

Polar Bear Glove Puppet

This little hand puppet makes bath time more fun. It doubles as a wash cloth too. I made a few up using the leftover pieces of towelling from making the bath robe.

It’s quick and easy to put together and you have a few options for doing the face. For one, I glued on the nose and used fabric paint for the eyes and mouth. For the other, I hand stitched the features on. Either method works well, just go with what you prefer.

Polar Bear Glove Puppet

You’ll need:
2 pieces of towelling about 15 x 25 cm (6 x 10 inches)
Scrap of colourfast black fabric for the nose
Glue or thread to attach nose
Fabric paint or thread to make eyes and mouth
Sewing supplies

Polar Bear Glove Puppet

Cut out 2 pieces for the body, using your hand as a guide for the size. Mine were 15 x 25 cm (6 x 10 inches).

Polar Bear Glove Puppet

Round off the tops of the pieces and cut 2 little semi circles for the ears. Using your black fabric, cut a triangle for the nose, and round off the sides a bit. Just play with it until you’re happy. I used a scrap of felt.

Polar Bear Glove Puppet Polar Bear Glove Puppet

                      Left – Face stitched on now                                      Right – Lining up features to glue on at the end        

If you want to stitch the face on, then I’d do it now. If you’re gluing, then save it until the end.

Go around the edges of the ears with a serger. If you don’t have one, you could use a wide and short zigzag or finish the edges with bias binding.

Put the body pieces right sides together and sandwich the ears in the middle, with the bottoms (flat edges) pointing out. Serge around the outside of the body (or finish as mentioned above). I actually think that bias binding would be a lovely neat way to finish these off.

Turn it right side out and finish around the bottom (serge or binding).

If you haven’t put the face on yet, then add it now. Draw the mouth onto a scrap of paper and play around with the layout until you’re happy. You can see that in the slightly creepy picture above where I was using pins to position the eyes. Glue on the nose with some fabric glue and draw on the eyes and mouth with fabric paint.

Polar Bear Glove Puppet

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    Thanks for great tutorial – I made my first one today to go with some quilts I’ve finished as Christmas gifts. SO CUTE! I blogged a picture and linked it back to you – will be making 3 more of these to go with the rest of the quilts 😀

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