No Sew Gingerbread Man Puppet

Gingerbread Man Puppet

Puppets are easy to make and lots of fun to play with. This one doesn’t even need any sewing! Just a bit of glue to put it all together. You can use tacky craft glue, hot glue or fabric glue… they’re all much the same.

Decorate him with scraps of ribbon, fabric or buttons. If using buttons, don’t give the puppet to kids under 3, as they buttons may come off and present a choking hazard. If you really want to make one for a 2 year old, sew the buttons on very securely.

Gingerbread Puppet

You’ll need:
2 sheets brown felt
Glue (tacky craft glue, hot glue gun or fabric glue)
Scraps of ribbon, fabric and buttons for decoration

Gingerbread Man Puppet

Download the template and print it out. If you don’t feel like printing out the pattern, use your hand as a guide for size and sketch a gingerbread-ish outline onto a piece of paper. I folded my paper in half to make sure is was symmetrical. Make sure your fingers will fit in the puppet.

Gingerbread Man Puppet

Cut out the pattern, and put on top of a sheet of felt. You can hold it against the felt and cut it straight out, or mark on the felt with a marker or tailors chalk first.

Gingerbread Man Puppet

Repeat on the other piece of felt and cut them both out. Run glue around the edge of one of the pieces, leaving the bottom un-glued. Stick the other piece on top. Leave it to dry. I suggest making the sides you traced onto the inside so you don’t have any chalk lines on the outside of your puppet.

Gingerbread Man Puppet

Decorate the Gingerbread Man by gluing on some ric-rac for icing, buttons and fabric scraps for eyes, etc. You could also use goggly eyes or draw black pupils on with a fabric pen. I used buttons for his buttons (imaginative hey?!) and scraps of felt for the mouth and eyes.

You might notice in the top photo I did have to stick him on a broom to get a photo…poor fella!

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    This looks so professional and the fact that it is no sew gives me some hope that I can create one. Thanks. found you thru Craft Chronicles. Great site.

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