A Whale of a Time!

Whale softies!

I belong to a Facebook Group called ‘The Sewing Library‘. It is full of members from all over the world, although I think most of them are from Australia. It is one serious collective of knowledge…got a sewing question? Someone on there will know the answer!

The group is currently running a soft toy drive. Crafters have been lovingly creating girl dollies, boy dolls, rattles and softy animals for kids and babies in hospitals around Australia. I loved the idea and was keen to get behind it. I was originally going to make some more boy dolls but quickly realised that would take me ages! I was also unsure about the buttons on the arms…choking hazards and all that!

Whale softies!

I came up with the idea of making some whales. They’re cute and reasonably unisex, although in  my stash busting mood, I ended up picking a lot of pink fabrics…oops! I drew up the outline on a piece of paper, using up virtually a full A4 sheet.

They sew up quickly as there is just the outline to sew around. I used the triple stitch on my sewing machine to make sure the seams are super strong! The eyes are painted on with fabric paint. One great tip I got from the sewing group for making softies is to stuff them, then leave to settle overnight. It’s surprising how much more stuffing you can get in there on the second go!


If you would like to take part and make a doll or other soft toy to send to Aussie hospitals, join the group to get in contact with your nearest collector. If you’re overseas and want to take part, then you’re welcome to join the group too! TSL Dolly Drive on Facebook

Whale softies!
(I’m not sure what they are whispering about)

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  1. says

    Very cute!

    I love your blog! As a new mother of a baby boy I was very happy to find your bog and to discover that there are many blogs that have crafting/sewing for boys. I’d assumed that it’d be all girls frilly clothes – silly me!

    Congrats on your pregnancy too!

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi Abby,
    These are just too cute. My little one has received a handmade cuddly toy whilst in hospital, it really cheered him up, gave him something to focus on other than the yucky tests. “Dolly” is still well loved today and a lovely reminder to my husband and I about how brave our son was. Thank you Abby and to all your friends who are making them too. They will be loved and appreciated by some special little boys are girls


    P.s congratulations on your pregnancy too

  3. says

    These are so adorable, Abby! I love them. I always struggled to make/find stocking stuffers for my kids when they were babies and made soft stuffed toys and these would be perfect! Love the idea of giving them in hospitals.

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