Introducing, the Mega Bib!

Mega bib

Roman has a heap of bibs, but most of them are so small, they only cover his chest, even though most of his food ends up in his lap. I have seen the idea of these snap up bibs before, and even have one from Loopy Loos, but decided to come up with my own design. Introducing, the mega bib! This bib is huge! It’s long and wide and has snaps to transform it into a pelican pocket style bib. Once you start making them, it’s hard to stop!

I have used a cute cotton print for the front, and polar fleece for the back, but you could use towelling or flannelette. Also, if you aren’t obsessed with KAM snaps like I am, you can easily use hammer/sew on press studs or velcro for the fastenings.

(This is Roman at 15 months, still rockin’ a Mega Bib)

The Mega Bib

You’ll need:

45 x 32cm (18×13″) piece of main fabric
45 x 32cm (18×13″) piece of backing fabric
Fasteners – KAM snaps or press studs or velcro


Print the pattern and join the two pieces. Cut out the pattern pieces in your main and backing fabric. I like to roughly cut out the backing piece and then trim it to size after sewing the pieces together, just in case it moves at all while sewing. Pin together with right sides facing in.

Sew together using an 8mm seam. I use the edge of the machine foot as my guide. Leave a hole about 6cm long for turning your work.


Clip curves with notches cut from the outer curves, and snips on the inner curves.


Turn the bib the right way out. Press flat. Top stitch all the way around 5mm in from the edge. The top stitching will close up the opening.


Using the pattern as your guide, attach the fasteners (KAM snaps, hammer or sew on press studs, or velcro) in the places shown on the pattern. I am currently doing it up on the tightest snap and Roman is 11 months old. If you want a snug fit for a younger baby, I’d suggest placing the snaps further along the arm of the bib. If you want to add the fasteners for the scoop, add those too. I’ve put them on a few of my bibs, but not all of them.


Roman wasn’t feeling the camera love today.


It’s easy to make a lot of these, there are so many cute fabrics out there and they only take about 15 mins to whip up. I like to go with fabric that isn’t too boyish, in case one day this blog needs to be renamed ‘things for boys and girls’.

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  1. says

    A few weeks ago my husband and I found out that our baby (due in July) is a boy! I’m not really a sewer, but I think I might be able to make some of these for him. So happy to have found your blog!

  2. says

    I can’t download the pattern :( I don’t open any page with it wen I “click” over “Pattern – download here” it opens a white page :(
    Can you please help me? This is the bib that I MUST do to my grandson!
    You have a fantastic blog, than you for your ideas :)

  3. Jess says

    Hi Abby,I stumbled upon your page and have now stirred up my sewing obession again so Thank you. I’m going to attempt the winter sleeping bag and mega bib for my little boy. But I am having trouble finding the KAM snaps I have check ed out spotlight and they had no idea what i was talking about. I know I can use the metal snaps but would like to try the KAM snaps. Where do you get them from? I googled them and came across a webpage that sells them but not sure if i need to buy the machine or the pliers to attach the snaps? Can you please help me! Thanks again for the the inspiration!

    • says

      Hi Jess, I bought my KAM snaps on etsy. I got a pair of pliers and 200 sets of snaps for about $30. I went with a package that let me pick exactly what colours I wanted. The etsy seller was fabricbuttonsupplies. There are cheaper packages though. Start with the pliers, they should be fine. My hand gets sore if I do more than 4 bibs (so about 28 snaps) at a time. If you have any other questions, send me an email through the contact page. Cheers!

  4. says

    Finished one of these mega yesterday; did it in babyville PUL. I think this is a great design. Will have it test driven next week by independent eating Grandson.(He needs a tarp-got my fingers crossed) THNX for the pattern. Kiss that cutie Roman-known across the globe, thanks to interweb. Bye-J

  5. says

    I had to smile at your snap commentary — I have added snaps to everything I can think of in my house since I picked up a snap press. What an amazing tool!

    My boys have been out of bibs for a long time now, but I will be sure to make up a few from your pattern once my newest little guy arrives.

  6. says

    Just made 4 of these this weekend. These are just darling and I love how the polar fleece keeps my son dry even when the bib is covered with food and milk. Thank you!! Next up…your Ergo teething pads.

  7. says

    Just made 4 of these this weekend. These are just darling and I love how the polar fleece keeps my son dry even when the bib is covered with food and milk. Thank you!! Next up…your Ergo teething pads.

  8. says

    I made this for a friend who is expecting a son = An excuse for me to get out my sewing machine, nice boy-themed fabrics, and minkee. I coupled it with a burping cloth for the new parents. Thanks for the pattern!

  9. Anonymous says

    I love this! I’m using it for my giant baby. Decided to use PUL as the front, flannel for the backing (since I have it on hand). Thank you for the tutorial!

  10. says

    Making this for my Millie who is quite messy. The bibs we use now are pointless…read: oatmeal lap every time. Hoping these take care of the problem. Thank you!

  11. Lynette Tucker says

    Can I just say, you have some of the most easy to follow tutorials for some really cute stuff, thanks for sharing your creativity!

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