Christmas Stocking – Tutorial

Santa Stocking

I’m really picky with the shape of Christmas Stockings, and I think I’ve finally settled on a shape I love. These stockings are quick and easy to make up and there is no end to the options for decorating these. They can be made from felt, burlap, Christmas fabric, velvet, old felted wool sweaters…the list goes on.

Christmas Stocking

You’ll need:
Main fabric – approx 40 x 60 cm  (15.5 x 24 inches)
Fabric for cuff – 40 x 15 cm (15.5 x 6 inches)
Ribbon for hanger – 25 cm (10 inches)
Sewing supplies

First, download and print out the pattern. Stick the 2 pieces together, matching up the lines and cut it out.

Santa Stocking Santa Stocking

Fold your main fabric right sides together, and trace around the stocking template. Cut out the 2 pieces at the same time. If you want to cut the pieces out separately, then use the template right side up for one piece, and back side up for the other.

Santa Stocking Santa Stocking

With right sides together, sew around the edge of the stocking, leaving the top open. Turn right side out and press flat. I have used my overlocker for this, simply because it was already out on the table. However, you do not need an overlocker for this project, a regular sewing machine is just fine.

Santa Stocking Santa Stocking

Fold the cuff fabric in half down the length, and press. Open it out with the crease up, and line up the folded ribbon on one end, so it is to one side of the centre crease.

Santa Stocking Santa Stocking Santa Stocking Santa Stocking

Fold the other end over it, with the ribbon inside. To mark where to sew the ends together, line up the folded side of the cuff with the left edge off the stocking. You will need to sew the cuff just larger than the stocking, so mark where the right edge of the stocking is on the cuff and sew the ends of the cuff together just past that line. It is hard to tell this from my picture because the cuff is not flat. Turn right side out and fold in half along the crease.

Santa Stocking Santa Stocking

Put the cuff over the stocking, matching up the raw edges. The ribbon should be on the inside part of the cuff and on the heel side of the stocking.

Santa Stocking Santa Stocking

Sew around the edge. Turn the cuff up and press.

Santa Stocking

To add a name to the stocking, I printed out the name using the font ‘HaloHandLetter’, size 140pt. I put the paper behind the cuff and held it up on the window to trace the name with a tailors pencil. I then used glitter fabric paint to go over the name. You could also embroider the name on with some thread.

Santa Stocking Santa Stocking

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  1. says

    The new house has a fire place and I’m keen to make Christmas Stockings to hang. Your blog was the first place I checked for a pattern and here it is. Thanks!!

  2. Chelsea Kidd says

    Am I missing something? I can’t find the pattern to download. I’ve searched the site and I’ve looked up and down the page a million times but I still can’t find it. This looks perfect (which is nice, since there are so many weirdly-shaped stocking tutorials out there). Sorry if I’m missing something super obvious!

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