Oliver + S Bucket Hat – Free Pattern and Review

Oliver + S Bucket Hat

This is the first Oliver + S pattern I have tried out and I love it! It is well written, easy to understand and makes a great finished product that is true to size. It’s funny that I say true to size, I actually had to make the size 3 – 5 years, even though Roman is only 15 months. That is because his head measured up for the 3 – 5 years size. That boy has one big fat head! The health nurse tells me it means he has a big brain, but I think she’s just trying to make me feel better.

I was cruising Sophie’s beautiful blog, roubidou when I came across the pattern. It is worth testing out and you can get it for free here. I deviated from the pattern a little bit and skipped the hand stitching, just carefully machine stitching the last piece into place. I also added eyelets so that I could add ties to the hat, but still keep it reversible.

This was another stash busting project too…gotta love a project that doesn’t cost you anything. For the inside of the hat, I used an old business shirt of hubby’s and for the outside, I used scraps leftover from making Roman’s fitted cot sheets, stamping the bikes onto the fabric. I think next time I would use fabrics that are a little more heavyweight, as the hat is a little bit floppy, but nothing terrible.

For the stamping, I used some VersaCraft ink. You can pick up these ink pads for a couple of dollars and the ink can be set permanently with the iron. I got 2 impressions from each inking of the stamp, so tried to make a bit of a pattern, with a row of black bikes and a row of faded bikes. I’m really happy with the result.

Oliver + S Bucket Hat Oliver + S Bucket Hat


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    Awesome! I’m in love with the penny-farthing print… I think it has come up looking fantastic. Where did you get the stamp from?

    Liam also has a big head… takes after his father. Neither of them can wear standard hats. Big brains!

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    Love the stamped bicycles, so cute! Thank you so much for the link, I will be making some of these!! Found you through Craftgawker :)

  3. Anonymous says

    oh thank you! i bought “little things to sew” and was all set to get started on these hats today. as it turns out, pattern set #2 is missing. getting to work now! -zada sorrell

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    Where did you find that AMAZING stamp?! I love this hat! And I love stamping fabric, too, especially when I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for in the shops. Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

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    Oh I loooove this!! Just found you through KCWC. I really like that hat shape and I love that you stamped your own fabric. I never even considered doing this. Love it!

    Also, a tip for a less floppy hat- you can use fusible interfacing on your lightweight fabric so that you don’t have to use a heavier weight fabric and still get a less floppy result. I’m going to go look for that stamp pad!

  7. Anonymous says

    I have made 2 hats, one for my grandson and one for my granddaughter. They look so professional, thanks again. Sharon

  8. Anonymous says

    Hi this looks fantastic and Im keen to make it. Just wanted clarification on the PFD printout. Mine came out the printer 1 1/2′ square. HOpe that’s ok and doesn’t make the overall size too small does it. The measurement is just to make sure all the pages (hence pattern pieces) are the same size??? Or does it need scaling up somehow? If so any suggestions on how. Thanks

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      The measurement is to make sure the pattern pieces are the correct size, so needs to be accurate. Make sure you don’t have ‘shrink to fit’ or ‘resize’ or something like that checked in the printing properties. It needs to be printed at 100%/full size. HTH

  9. Anonymous says

    hi there,
    i am having problems downloading the pattern. are u able to email it to me please please, my godson’s mum is struggling to find her son a hat so i want to suprise her with one of these for christmas. they are just perfect!!! tammyjo.williamson@hotmail.com thank you thank you

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    Your link to Oliver+S Bucket Hat – Free Pattern and Review -Things for Boys did not work for me. Is there some other way I can access this pattern? Thank you, Linda

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