DIY Sugar Scrub: Great for mechanics

Sugar Scrub for Hands

My brother is a mechanic and all-round handy guy, so often has grubby hands. I made up a pot of this to give to him for Christmas. It’s lovely and moisturising for hard working, dry hands. It’s great to use after a day gardening, cleaning or even packing (I always find my hands get really dirty and dried out packing boxes). The sugar scrubs off all the muck, and the honey and olive oil do wonders to heal and moisturise the skin.

While I’ve mentioned uses of this as a hand scrub, it would also be great for your feet and probably the rest of your body too.

Hubby just tested it out on his hands after getting some grease on them and said they’re lovely and clean and soft…his words.

Sugar Scrub
makes 400ml (12oz)

1/2 cup olive oil*
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 tbsp honey
a few drops of your choice of essential oil (optional)**

Put the sugar into a bowl and add the olive oil and honey. Work it all together until it is evenly combined. It will be like wet sand. If you want  to add some essential oil (I used peppermint), add it a few drops at a time and stir it in and check if it smells how you want.

Put into an airtight jar, ideally with a wide mouth so you can scoop a bit out with your hands when you need it.

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*Any good quality oil will be good for this recipe. Almond oil, macadamia oil or coconut oil would also work. If using coconut oil, melt it first.

**Any essential oil would be nice, but I think lemon, orange, lavender or peppermint are particularly nice. Instead of essential oil, you could also add a little bit of vanilla extract, for a delicious cakey scent.

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  1. says

    We love the sugar scrubs, I keep some by the kitchen sink and every night after the dishes are done, I give myself a 2 minute hand renewal. And my girls love making it for me when I run low. The peppermint extract is incredible in one of these.

  2. Anonymous says

    wow! wanted to try this for myself, so i made it and its WONDERFUL! i used orange & grapefruit essential oil and it smells amazing! left my hands feeling nice and soft afterwards… like i had put lotion on! once i run out, will definitely be making more of it :) thank you for sharing how to make this :)

  3. Pat says

    Never mind smelling all fancy, it removed black bike chain grease with almost zero effort. A lot better than the commercial tough cleaners from Bunnings. Thanks Abby!

  4. Anonymous says

    I tried it yesterday and used pure cane sugar as well as some essential lavender oil and let me say it was great!! Thank u for sharing your knowledge!!! – Andrea, NY

    • says

      I had mine for at least a 6 months no troubles. None of the items in it will ‘go off’ so it should last a while. If it gets any water in it, the sugar may crystalise and lump together, but otherwise it should be fine. HTH

  5. sheri says

    I just made some and instead of using food coloring, I used colored sugar like u put on sugar cookies. It made all the sugar a lighter color of whatever color you use and the cookie sugar crystals stayed dark and stood out great

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