Fold over Cuffs for Footies or Mittens – Tutorial

Fold over cuffs

During the cold Winter months, I like putting Roman in footed pyjamas. I know his toes will stay nice and warm. I get cold feet so I feel like he will too. Now that he’s in a size 2, they’re hard to come by. He has a pair with fold over cuffs that are genius, so I’ve been studying them. Luckily, it’s really easy to add them to a pair of pyjama pants so that any pair can have footies on them!

These cuffs can also be used to put fold over mittens onto the sleeve of pyjamas for little ones. The good thing is, when your child grows out of the footies, just unfold them and you have a long pair of pyjama pants due to the nice long cuffs.

Fold Over Cuffs for Mittens or Footies

You’ll need:
A pair of pyjama pants*
Ribbing or cotton lycra
Sewing supplies

Fold over cuffs

Measure the length of the bottom of your babies foot (or shoe if your little one is asleep). Add 5 cm (2″). (For mittens add 1 inch.) Double this to get your length. My measurement was 32 cm (11 + 5 x 2). Cut 2 rectangles this length and the width of cuff you need. The width should be slightly less than the width of the hem you are adding the cuff to.** My measurement was 9 cm.

Cut 2 rectangles for the fold over cuff. Use the same width as above and 1.5 x length you calculated. (For mittens, I would almost double the length.) My measurement was 48 cm. All my pieces are laid out above.

Fold over cuffsFold over cuffs

Fold the long pieces in half lengthwise, right side out. Fold the short pieces in half lengthwise, right side in. Then, fold up the end of the longer pieces up so that they are the same length as the short pieces.

Fold over cuffsFold over cuffs

Put the folded piece inside the short piece with the raw edges all up the same way.

Fold over cuffsFold over cuffs

Stitch up both sides. Turn right way out.

Fold over cuffsFold over cuffsFold over cuffs

Feel free to play with them just to make sure they work. Genius! This got me thinking I should put some mittens on a top for really cold days when I’m out walking with the pram.

Fold over cuffsFold over cuffs

Now attach the cuffs to the pants the way you usually do and with the fold to the back.

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*If you want to make a pair of pyjama pants, then I’d recommend the Sleeping Johns pattern from ‘Growing Up Sew Liberated’ made up in a knit of some sort. Just add the cuffs to the unfinished bottoms of the pants. If you’re using a pair of already finished pyjama pants, just cut off the hem first.

**The hem of my pants was 10cm wide, so I cut my cuff pieces 9cm wide. Once sewn up, the cuffs are about 7cm wide.  If the pants you are using have quite loose fitting legs, then you may need to measure around your babies foot to get a good width measurement. The cuffs should be reasonably snug.

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  1. says

    Love this idea for my boys and your tutorial makes it seem really easy. I think it might have made my brain hurt to work this out. I always used to get very cold feet – until I was first pregnant, since then I’ve had the opposite problem, very odd.

  2. says

    This is a wonderful idea. I’ll be making some jammies for my granddaughter with these cuffs for fall and winter! I especially like the mittens on the top idea. It is so hard to keep mittens on their little hands, I think this is the perfect solution!

  3. says

    Thank you so much for uploading this into SewSet, it is a fantastic tutorial! I had featured it as one of today’s top patterns.

    Thank you again!
    – Jess,

  4. Rachel B says

    Hi! I was wondering if you could help me a bit with this. I’m new-ish to sewing, so it might be that I misunderstood, but I made the two footies and they seem SO LONG. What were the exact dimensions of your rectangles before assembling?

    Thanks, and I really appreciate the extra help.

    • says

      Hi Rachel – my short pieces were 32cm x 9cm and the long ones were 48cm x 9cm. They do look long when made up but they are designed to go down the ankle and cover the foot, so they do look a little funny. If you look at the finished pants in the last pic, the stripey fabric is pretty much the correct length for pants, but then has the cuff added on. Hope that helps.

  5. Anonymous says

    I tried to make the mitten, but when I had sown up the edges and turned the piece out I couldn’t my hand all the way through. Can you clarify how to fold an tuck the long piece?

    Thanks for the extra help.

  6. Brooke says

    Have you thought of turning this into a video tutorial? I am very interested in making these but cannot seem to follow the written directions.. Thank you!

    • abby says

      Hi Brooke, a video tutorial would be great, but unfortunately I don’t have the spare 4 or so hours it would take to make one. Poor Ted is teething.

    • abby says

      If you mean polar fleece (polyester fluffy somewhat stretchy stuff) then I think that would work. I would make them a little bit bigger since they wont stretch as much. I’d also make sure they were folded how you want them before you put them on the child, since it might be hard to flip the cuffs on their feet. Hope that helps.

  7. Michele says

    I’ve looked everywhere for a tutorial/video to add fold over cuff to pjs. I felt like I shrunk gold when I cam across your tutorial. I am a visual learner and hope you might consider doing a video of your instructions. I just can’t seem to get the results from the pictures on the tutorial as the orange is too difficult to see just how the rectangles go together to form the cuffs. I also tried to copy a fold over cuff from a fly squirrel pj that you can buy from Sleeping Baby website I saw on Shark Tank but think your instructions would be easier to follow as I would have to take the pj cuffs apart to try to figure it out. The cuffs on the pjs I believe are a little different than the instructions for yours. I hope you will consider doing a video of the foldover cuffs and maybe use a different fabric for the piece you “tuck in” so it is easier to see what I am doing wrong. (I can see by the comments that I am not the only one having difficulties) Thank you so much.

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