Pyjama Eating Monster Cushion

PJ Eater Cushion

I was very excited to be asked to join the Cushion for Christmas blog hop. The series is full of great ideas for cushions you can make in less than a day…perfect for gifting. With so many talented ladies on board, especially with crazy awesome quilting skills (which I do not have) I wanted to do something a bit different and fun, so I made a Pyjama Eating Monster Cushion.

This monster is friendly.

PJ Eater Cushion

But he can also be scary!

PJ Eater Cushion

Especially if you’re a pair of pyjamas! He will eat you up without a second thought!

PJ Eater Cushion

So look out!

PJ Eater Cushion

This monster was caught on CCTV footage devouring a pair of pyjamas in a few seconds.

 photo PJEater.gif

I’m totally cracking myself up right now… All silliness aside, these PJ Eaters are a quick sew and turn out so cute! Roman already found it in my ‘toy hiding spot’ (must re-think that) and gave it a big cuddle.
I used this pattern from Sew Fearless, but modified it a bit. I left off the zip and overlapped the mouth pieces. I also made the 2 front pieces longer to account for this. I also changed up the look of the face. I used felt for the features and appliqued it on. I think I might have over-stuffed it a bit, because it’s a little trickier to stuff the pjs in than I was hoping. I used a piece of fabric from the DS Quilts Collection for the soles of the feet.

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Take a breath……
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  1. Alisa Kutsel says

    I really love this pillow, it’s so darn cute!! I have this pattern too.. wonder if I have time to sew it up in time.

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